Tuesday, September 12, 2006

monkey's Banana Peel Award

I am going to do something a little different this year, I am going to chuck all kinds of banana peels around, to accomodate my rambling ranting style of posts. I am also going to be giving bananas (a good thing) to those players who earned one, and banana peels (a bad thing) to those who also earned one. I will be flinging them out as I see fit, to our team players, or any player from any team I want to chuck one at, whether it's a banana or a banana peel. If you don't like this slight change, here's a rotten banana peel for you, I hope you slip on it!

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  1. Monkey's Back, Monkey's Back!

    *NOW* the season can officially begin.

    Great rant and I love the new twist on the old award.

  2. Just found out where Monkey's been all off-season!

  3. Bad Monkey, bad!

    How could you not possibly eat your smelliest bannanas, crap them out, and award them to Tom Ashworth? When he can in for Walt, I thought I switched channels to Univision and was watching a bull fight. Of course, a red cape would have put up more of a resistence than Ashworth.

    After careful consideration I think Ashworth will be cut when they activate Branch. And if not him, then you know he's blowing the same person as Herndon.

  4. The reason I didn't do just that, Bokonon, (and believe me I was tempted, that play was sooooo F*ing bad) was because it was just one play. He came in for one play, completely cold and got beat. To my way of thinking, one play is not enough to judge a mans ability, or even to say that he had a lousy game. He had one bad play, but that was all he had.
    He just didn't stay in long enough (thank God) to make himself worthy of a banana peel,, though that one play itself was pretty worthy.

    Now that think about it, hey Ashworth, have a dung covered banana peel for that crappy play!

    Better Bokonon?

  5. Hey Boke...I threw you this bone, can't you lighten up on my boy Herndon now?

  6. Hey monkey good to have you back now Ashworth played like crap all pre-season I think i could really have done a better job on that ONE PLAY cause Matt almost died on THAT ONE PLAY.

    Hey Boke 10 yard Herndon played pretty good, give him his props.

    If the 49ers can score 27 on the Cardinals and Frank Gore can run for 170 yards I say we score 400 and rush for a 1000.

    Really 38-13 if the starters are still playing after the half.

  7. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed The Hammer not wrapping up.