Saturday, September 30, 2006

MonKeys no Meezy's Keys to The Game

Monkey is getting on my nerves by not putting up the keys to the game anymore so I will do it for him. I am not sure that I can be as analytical as him or rant the same way but hey I will give it a shot. Maybe I will be able to take over the job like Spencer did for Porkchop. Read all of Meezy’s Keys to the game on Page 2


  1.'re right on monkey's level with that. I agree 100% with everything (surprise...if its anything to do with monkey, i tend to agree...very coincidental)

    Great point that im sure Bears fans want the media to point out, as well as their roster---their oline deserves credit. They by no means are that great, and they havent run into a pressure inducing squad like us yet. Not pass rushers---i mean pressure. Theres a difference. I rather have a team that pressures a QB twenty times than a team that ends up with just 5 sacks. That oline has held up well, probably in part to continuity, which is always important in olines.

    Also, for the draw play you mentioned---Hasselbeck audibled to it. Its the same play, but Holmgren uses it in the worst situations. Hass only uses it when he sees an opening. I guarantee you if you could find the unofficial stats, that when Hass audibles to it---the success rate of getting a first down is at least 75%---in contract, Holmgren's call is probably a mere 25%. Basically, the draw play (strong or weak) only works when you see something in the defense that designates it reliable. Teams are just too smart these days to fall for it when its obviously coming.

  2. Thanks Mike and ADP. I have realized that I also agree with you and Monkey on almost everything.

    I agree with you ADP on the draw thing. When Hass audibles into it, its almost always a first down.

  3. Hasselbeck's audibles virtually always result in 4+ yards.

    "I saw Giant and Arizona receivers running deep on us and I was baffled on how they got open"

    Easy--Kelly Herndon was covering those guys.

  4. monkey is getting on my nerves? LOL! Sorry man, I didn't know anyone even wanted to read them, seriously. I didn't make them this year, cuz I figured no one really cared much.
    BTW Great job, I loved your keys.

  5. Monkey - don't underestimate yourself, we want to read EVERYTHING you write!

    Meeze - great job on the keys, and much better, great job stepping up and filling in for our AWOL Monkey.

    With Bloof currently on R&R (kind of like IR but without the pain!) it's important that we all chip in to keep this site running.

  6. Even without my retrospective-ness (word? who knows?) I would agree these keys are acurate.