Sunday, September 10, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award

Moonlight Graham is dead!

I liked the idea of the award, recognizing the player or player who stepped up and/or out of obscurity, but it really didn't tie in well with my internet handle.

So please allow me to introduce you to Alba's Dark Angel Award.

As everyone should know, the star of TV's Dark Angel was Jessica Alba. Also, those who do well when they are not expected to, especially in sports, are usually called a "dark horse" or a "guardian angel." Thus was the inspiration behind the renaming of this prestigeous award.

Besides, I'm such a fan of the Extremely Corny Bronze Racecar, that I wanted to try and find a tropy equally as cheesy!

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  1. Good new award alba, but I do have two questions. First, is a seven tackle one sack (and you forget to mention, one brilliantly defensed pass and a lot of pressure on the QB and darn near a fumble recovery) really a quiet game? If that is quiet for Peterson, than we are in for some really weasome things this year.
    Seocnd, Willie "I'm Da Mann" Ponder....does anyone named Willie Ponder, really need a nickname? ;)

  2. Hey, it's my award, and if I want to justify not giving it to Peterson calling his effort a "quiet game" then I can! :-)

    Actually, he did play well, but it was understated.

    And the Ponder nickname was meant for all those whining about how we lost Maurice Mann when we made a roster spot for Ponder.

    Did you catch the subtle reference to his name when I described him as "contemplating a 22 yard return"??

  3. Hehe ya, I caught that subtle reference, it was funny.
    And I wasn't saying that Peterson deserved the award, not at all, I was just saying that I think saying he had a "quiet game" is funny, considering that he had 7 tackles a sack put a lot of pressure on the QB a beautifully defensed pass and nearly came up with a fumble, because of his harassment of Kitna...not exactly a "quiet game" but I can live with understated. Still, if that's can't wait to see what a good game or a great game looks like. A great game would have to be like 15 tackles three sacks two fumble recoveries, a forced fumble and a pick.

  4. Could me more the lack of excitement from the announcers then. I just remember that when Demarcus Ware had that huge game against us in preseason last year, the announcers were all but gift wrapping the rookie of the year award for him. Not such a big deal was made about JPete's performance, thus the "quiet" game.

  5. I remember that, but that was because he was a Cowboy, no other reason than that.

    Have you forgotten already, that SA breaking the all time single season TD record, was also "quiet"? When Emmitt Smith set the record, we heard about CONSTANTLY. If someone from any team other than Seattle had done that, they would still be talking about it and you know it.
    So of course a seven tackle and one sack game is a "quiet" game, at least if he plays for the Seahawks it is.

  6. Don't you know, Monkey, that Alexander's record was due entirely to his offensive line? Therefore, it isn't that impressive. However, Smith did it all by himself; hence, the adulation.

    Alba: "Ponder took the opening kick off at the 10 and contemplated himself for 23 yards"

    Boo! to you for giving yourself props for that line. I was all set to come on and suckle you, but since you already did it, I'm not going to bother. Screw you and your surgically removed vertebra. ;-)

    I didn't see anything from Peterson today, but then again, I was looking for #44 and I missed the first half. I'm amazed to find out he had that good of a game--nice!

  7. Ponder took the opening kick off at the 10 and contemplated himself for 23 yards

    Thank you for that. But to echo CitK... Boo for giving yourself props. You know you're going to get your stroke, quit begging for it. It's unladylike.

  8. Please accept my apologies. The game last night left me feeling very unfulfilled, so I was looking for something to fill the void. I shall exhibit greater self control in the future, especially once the Seahawks get around to scoring TDs again.


    -- Feedback Whore

  9. Herndon deserved it but J.P had a good game two.

    Trufant was the man though. He was defending Roy Williams all day and Williams only had one catch. Screw the Pass Interference call that a SHUT DOWN CORNER.

  10. as Ponder took the opening kick off at the 10 and contemplated himself for 23 yards

    I had to read it twice before I got it, but then I spewed a mouthfull of enchilada across my desk. And while you do seem quite capable of congratulating yourself for a funny line, I'll add mine to the mix. COngratulations on an excellent choice of verbage!