Friday, September 29, 2006

Breaking News: Kaz To Be Released

Fitting im the one putting this up, as everyone here knows my history with wanting Kaz favor of Tracy White (insert blahdkahjah here). Thing is, deep down inside, ive grown to have no problem with this class act. I miss Tracy, but hey, we're talking 7th string linebackers here. Good luck Kaz. Whether you come back or sign elsewhere. Wouldn't surprise me to see you in a Saints uniform soon.

From Sando:

The Seahawks have informed LB Isaiah Kacyvenski that they plan to release him. The move will clear the way for Seattle to sign RB Marquis Weeks to the active roster in time for the Seattle-Chicago game Sunday night. Weeks will then serve as the backup to Maurice Morris on Sunday night. Kacyvenski has been a valued special-teams player in Seattle since 2000. He has played in 90 games. Anaylsis: The Seahawks could always attempt to re-sign Kacyvenski once starting RB Shaun Alexander is healthy again. He was the seventh linebacker on a very good team -- a team with great starting-caliber depth at linebacker. That is the cold reality. The human side is well known; any locker room would be better off with a player such as Kacyvenski.

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  1. This is a sad, yet exciting day for the Seahawks.

    First, its sad. As noted by ADP, Kacyvenski has been on the team for over half a decade. He did whatever the team asked him, without bitching. In his career he's gone from rookie scrub to backup to starting MLB to backup to special teams demon. Again, it must be noted that through all this he's been the model of professionalism, always giving 100%, and never complaining. He will be sorely missed in the locker room, and by us fans I'm sure.

    That being said...

    It's exciting because by 2006, our Hawks have progressed SO MUCH further than the current Mariners, and are now able, due to roster depth alone, to dump players the caliber of Kacyvenski, instead of hanging on to fan favorites solely to sell tickets. Again, as noted by ADP, any team would love to have Kaz on their club, the Hawks included. But they obviously feel that his skill set—which not outstanding, is perfectly suited for the role he filled on the team—is possessed by other players on this team. (I would wager that Niko Koutevides, due to his slightly superior size and great Special Teams play this season, is the guy who made Kaz expendable.)

    It sucks to see Kaz released, but it's a good sign for the team development when this can occur.

  2. Citizen K's Editor9/29/2006 11:17:00 PM

    Jeez, CitK, are you on speedballs tonight?

    Par. 1, sentence 1: "it's" replaces "its"
    Par. 1, sentence 2: "this" replaces "the"
    Par. 1, sentence 3: "asked of him" replaces "asked him"
    Par. 2, sentence 1: "calibre" replaces "caliber" (Citizen K's Editor is British...)
    Par. 2, sentence 3: "while" replaces "which"
    Par. 2, sentence 4: (are we not employing the third-person gag anymore?)
    Par. 3, nonexistent sentences 2 and 3: "Plus, Weeks will replace Maurice Morris behind Alexander by next year; MoMo will in 2008 sign a deal with the Hawks' archrival, the Rams, in the process revealing to his new club eery arcane Seattle play, and thus generate a decade's worth of dominance by the Midwest club over that of the Northwest. The Seahawks will retaliate by NOT signing Leonard Little after he becomes a free agent following the 2007 season, thereby forcing the Rams to re-sign the troubled womanslaughterer."

  3. Citizen K's Editor's Editor9/29/2006 11:19:00 PM

    Jeez, CKE, too much p)$$! or something?

    Par. 2, sentence 8: "every" replaces "eery"

  4. Citizen K's Editor's Editor's Editor9/29/2006 11:20:00 PM

    It was the 7th sentence, dummkopf!

  5. If you have a need for an editor, i need a job... ;)

  6. Depending on how special teams play go we might miss Kaz's play if special teams holds up we're fine.

    Marquis Weeks was flat out amazing in preseason the past 2 years and deserves to be brought up. I actually thought Weeks showed more than Morris did in the preseason.

  7. Bummer. Kaz is an upstate NY boy just like me. Thought his ST captainship would have saved our perrenial bubble-boy's bacon this year, but this ain't your father's Seahawks front office anymore. Good luck Kaz, and hopefully we'll see you back in Seahawk blue once Shaun returns.