Monday, September 25, 2006

Citizen K Likes This, Sept. 24, 2006

In the first three quarters, many Giants played as though they had money on the Seahawks. The Seattle offensive/defensive machine took advantage, chugging to an incredible 39-point lead. Then they downed some melatonin. Their subsequent dormancy allowed the Giants to make yet another "huge comeback," forcing a slavering Joe "Max Headroom" Buck to call for a "cleanup in Aisle Mypants," but to no avail. Despite Herndon getting beaten yet again for a long pass/score, Citizen K found much to like about the game. Read the rest at Citizen K Likes This.

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  1. It was a good read until I got to the anagrams - then it was great! I'm still in tears from laughing!

  2. god please tell me you used some program to come up with those anagrams and didn't sit down all day rearranging letters yourself?

    great read once again.

  3. You were tlking about signatures...well those anagrams at the end were hilarious. CitK's Signature???

  4. You may have something there, monk. Citizen K will consider that for the future.

    And, yes, they were figured out by software, not me. I just chose the good ones.