Monday, September 25, 2006

Jinx? What Jinx? Alexander Out Indefinitely

The big news coming out of Mike Holmgren's press conference today is that Shaun Alexander will be out indefinitely with a small "non-displaced" fracture in his left foot.

Alba Breaks the News on AOL Sportsblog

Mike Sando's Blog Entry

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  1. I knew something was wrong with him. I could tell by the way he was running and not accelerating through the holes ( which I mentioned this morn). Just didn't look right.

    Probably only out a couple of weeks. Good timing for the bye week coming up.

    Momo better lace up his cleats tight next week.

  2. I remember that. Good call Rocky. MoMo will be fine. Look for the Seahawks to sign another RB this week. Right on about the bye.

  3. P.S. looks like Josh Scobey may have more to do than gunner on STs too. He's currently listed as the 3rd RB behind Morris, so if someone's not added to the roster before Sunday, Scoobs will be a heartbeat away from starting tailback in the #1 offense in the NFL!

  4. I knew that Shaun wasn't 100% but dam i just thought it was a sore foot. This is really pissing me off. I think our offense will do fine but dam this really sucks. I OFFICIALLY BELIEVE IN CURSES.

    I would rather have the Seahawks bring up Marquis Weeks form the practice squad then sign a free agent running back.

    I think MoMO will fair well because teams will not stack the line as much plus he helps out in the passing game a lot too.

  5. Check out the AOL Fan House insert on the story about Alexander's injury on the main AOL Sports page:

    Local Feedback Whore Makes Good!

  6. Here is a clickable link to that AOL piece...

  7. Strange coincidence, still not buying the curse thing. I spent my last 5 years bashing the Red Sox, and im not going all hypocritical on that.

    Fantasy league people are saying hes no longer elite...which is laughable. They also seem to think Morris isn't too great which is laughable. Im fine with Morris playing. It just keeps them guessing. Giants didnt know what hit them, and now teams will look at our passing game and overlook MO. This actually comes at a perfect time. I rather have Shaun injured now, where the bye week is coming up, than later.

  8. If our other guys can stay healthy, we'll be unstoppable once we get Stevens and Alexander back.

  9. Better now, than near the end of the season or the plaoffs.
    They said that he injured it during the Giants game? Strange that he cracked a bone in the foot which was already bruised...hmmmm...I wonder how long it's REALLY been cracked and went undetected, considering that he was playing with pain in his foot the first two weeks. Quite the coincidence if you ask me, sounds like a cover story for screwing up and not noticing the problem earlier, but hey that's just me, Mr. conspiracy monkey.

    A couple thoughts, first, for all those who were yammering about how lousy last years MVP is, (you know who you are)last week Momo did worse when he was in the game, than our MVP did with a broken foot, so all you SA haters, kiss my rear end, you are all full of it.
    Second, you SA haters will now see for yourselves what I have been saying all along, which is that Momo is at best a very average, serviceable RB, he is not even remotely in the same league as SA, as you will all see soon enough.
    Third, even without SA and without Stevens, we will still have a terrific offense....the injury list is really starting to grow too long though...Stevens, Mili, Alexander, Gray, Womack...I really don't like this trend.
    FOurth, I want to echo a comment above, just wait till we get Alxander and Stevens both back, to go along with our recieving corps....this is gonna be SICK!

  10. You know, I'm a little surprised there weren't a lot more Seahawks players with broken feet, after all the ass kicking they were doing last game.

  11. Monkey, they acknowledge that he originally hurt his foot in the Detroit game, but it was just a bone bruise at that time. After the Giants game they rescanned it and discovered the small "non displaced" fracture. No cover-ups. That's for politicians and fat people at the beach!

  12. "Fantasy league people are saying hes no longer elite"

    Because, yeah, pleasing fantasy league people is what NFL football is all about... No longer elite? I say they cut Alexander right now!

    /General sarcasm, not intended in anyone's direction

  13. Yeah, Cit K...I find it funny hes getting bashed by fantasy sites everywhere...obviously I could care less. I found it funny some people were mad about the last game because of their fantasy leagues.

    I was more mad they gave up points when they didnt have a defensive player, that tends to bug me.

    Also, monkey echoed what I said on the Blue...agreed 100%. Hes been injured for awhile, thats why hes not among leaders in yards.

  14. For some reason I'm not too worried about SA being out. I was actually hoping they'd sit him out after last week since he looked like he was hurting pretty bad. I think we can score enough to beat the Bears. That 4 wide formation will give them problems. Short passes can make up for a running game in the short run. That's what the "Westcoast Offense" is famous for anyways right?

    Morris will do a decent job, but I'd look to get him some swing passes and get him out in the open field. He's smaller than SA, but does seem to have a bit of speed once he gets going.

    I would also like to echo the sentiments of others who said that when this team gets healthy again towards the end of the year we should be even tougher, and who knows maybe some of these backups might turn out to be something.

    Get well soon SA


  15. Seattle is a great team with a heathy SA in the backfield. Seattle is a great team when SA isn't fully healthy but still in the backfield. Seattle is a great team when SA is on the sideline and Mo Mo is in the backfield. Because Seattle is a great TEAM. Part of what makes them great is how many weapons they have, and if one goes down to an injury, or the opposing team shuts one down, there are others to take up the slack.

    No one can replace SA on a 1:1 basis. But a little Mo Mo, a little more DJack, a tist of DB and an occasional, Emeril-like BAM! of The Most Approriately Named Player In Football and the loss of SA becomes almost irrelevant. And if that doesn't fully replace him, then let the defense utterly dominate the game like they did the last three weeks.

    The loss of SA is simply an opportunity for others to step up.

    Anyone remember the season the Seahawks had last time their star running back got injured early in the season?

  16. I must say...I trust Morris mo than I woulda trusted Dan...

  17. And I trust Morris alot MO than I would of trusted Dan...