Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who will be the MLB?

12 Seahawks Street
Who will be the starting MLB this season?
Niko Koutouvides
Lofa Tatupu
Cornelius Wortham
D.D. Lewis
Jamie Sharper

OK, for me this is a very difficult question to answer, (no less because as for Lofa and Niko, I have a personal interest), but I feel that this will be by far, the most hotly contested race in training camp, so I just had to ask.

Tell me who you think will start, at what point in the season they will start, and why you think so.

As for me, I personally think that Niko will start the season at MLB, but that Lofa will play about 40% of the time. If Lofa outperforms Niko, then he will slowly be given more playing time until eventually he is the guy getting the larger percentage of plays.

I realize that this question is almost impossible to answer without seeing any preseason games, not to mention that they aren't even in training camp yet, but hey, it's fun, and no one will hold you to it.


  1. i think people are straying away because its the 'dreaded linebacker question'...easily the hardest prediction to make

    barring injuries of course:

    Niko will end up being the starter LB...not as much as you think, but I do feel Tatupu will get alot of playing time...I would think Tatupu will give Niko some rest here and there, and maybe eventually platoon with him

    I dont think Tatupu will steal the starting job unless Niko gets injured, and Sharper gets injured (I think Sharper would switch to MLB, allowing Tracy White to start OLB)

    speaking of Tracy White im looking for details on his whereabouts in camp...i have no idea if he is still injured or what not...

  2. I think another great position battle will be at DT. I really don't have any clue who's starting there. 

    Posted by PaulieP

  3. I think Niko starts, and I don't think they'll platoon. Tatupu won't start this year unless Niko gets injured or he plays SLB.

    I think Tracy White is fine and practicing. From the Trib 

    injured players not participating include receiver Marque Davis, Marcus Trufant, Ken Hamlin, R.J. Luke, Ryan Hannam, Rashad Moore and Cedric Woodard 

    He ain't on that list, so I'd assume he is fine.

    Re the DTs, I think they will continue to platoon a lot, Woodard and Moore starting, Rocky, Tubbs and Darby rotating in all the time. Tubbs may eventually push his way as the starter, but they'll all get plenty of PT. Most of them real big guys can't play every down anyway. 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  4. I voted for Niko since I think Holmy will give him a chance in appreciation for him stepping up last season, and since he's a veteran guy.

    I think they want to keep Sharper on the outside.

    I think Lofa will see a lot of action though throughout the year. 

    Posted by alba