Thursday, June 23, 2005

Name That Hawk 3 UPDATED!

OK, you guys have showed me that you are the real deal. I'm like a crack dealer, the first 2 hits are free, then you have to pay. Time for some homework boys.

I was voted to the Probowl twice.

Originally drafted by the Oilers.

Was one of the last picks in the expansion draft in 1966.

Came to Seattle in 76, was with team until 78 but did not play in 78.

Played in 10 out of 38 games but played in 138 straight games (club record) before coming to Seattle.

Played in 3 Superbowls.

Interesting notes:

First contract was for 10,000 dollars with a 1,000 dollar bonus.
Was blocking Too Tall Jones and somebody landed on him breaking his knee, the Seattle injury curse must have begun on that fatefull play.


Drafted by the Vikings, backed up Fran Tarkenton.
traded to the Patriots and backed up Jim Plunket.
came to the Hawks to back up Jim Zorn.
Released from the Hawks after 2 games to the Steelers and relaced injured Terry Bradshaw.
Sometime after 1977 he was traded to Green Bay, backed up Bart Starr. He played half a season when he had a fairly severe knee injury that ended his career.

Look at the names this guy played behind!


  1. Norm Evans. This is kinda fun.

  2. I really ought to win something other than a plate your dog licked tough!

  3. BTW where in the heck did you find a picture of Norm? Now that's got to be an obscure web site.

  4. Spank that Monkey. I'll never reveal my sources. I'll dig deeper, you funker. That should have taken a little bit of work.

    Aight, I'll be back, and I'm bringing extra amunition.

    "You'll see, you'll all see. You'll all be very, very sorry."

    Dan Akroyd, Trading Places.

  5. You know, I'm even changing the name of the file so you guy's can't check the properties on the pick.

    Time for the big guns.......

  6. How 'bout something someone under the age of 25 might get? ADP and I feel like we're on the outside lookin' in! (Oldies!) 

    Posted by check

  7. Thats a good idea, Check. the problem is the guys that are my age know more than I do, hell they're blowing me off the page.
    Maybe I can do a NTH that is restricted by age.
    I'll see what I can come up with.

  8. The clues I've given reqires a little homework. I have updated this blog. If you do some research, you can find it.

  9. This one I will have to do some work on, I don't know players from other teams as well as I do the Hawks, and since he only played two games here, they didn't make a card of him in a Hawks uni.

  10. "Neil Graff was slated to be the starting quarterback of the expansion Seahawks, however for reasons we've not yet been able to discern, he was cut early into the season."

    Oooh, monkey, can you feel that?

  11. Very good Check, he was released because the Steelers called us after Bradshaw got hurt and asked us if we would consider releasing him. We had Zorn after all and he didn't stand a chance to play here unless Zorny got hurt. He played behind some of the biggest names in the game.

    We released him to go play for Pittsburg, those few games in Pit were all he ever actually got to play in the NFL. he got a serious knee injury that ended his career in 77.

  12. Nicely done check. It might have been too SMALL to feel though, as I still nailed more than you have LOL! J/K

  13. Hows come nobody has tried to get even one extra point in NTH2?

    Maybe when I dig up smore stuff later today I will add them to the new blog with extra clues.