Monday, June 06, 2005

Numbers Game Part II

More Seahawk numbers taken:

#94 - Bryce Fisher
#91 - Chartric Darby
#21 - Andre Dyson

on an interesting side note, Oha (screw spelling his name) settled a case with Clinton Portis on not getting the money to use his jersey number...they avoided trial...what is the sports world coming to?

and to throw it in for no apparent reason...Sean Taylor could be facing a MINIMUM of 3 years in prison for pointing a gun...yet alone shooting it...apparently Florida laws are harsh


  1. ADP, I'm pretty sure its a felony in every State to point a gun at someone.

    And speaking Oha....what was his contract amount with the Cards? I'm in a debate on whether the Hawks should've taken him instead of Mr. Howell. 

    Posted by vin

  2. i thought he pointed it in the air...

    and while on the subject of controversial it true that Kellen Winslow II was doing tricks in a parking lot when he injured himself? (heard it somewhere, but wasnt confirmed anywhere that i know of)

    and Vin...

    he was claimed off waivers

  3. dunno what exactly his contract was worth...but i checked...usually Rotoworld mentions the contract money

  4. KWII had just seen an X-Games like demonstration before purchasing the cycle, and allegedly was trying to pop wheelies when he hit the curb and the tree. 

    Posted by alba

  5. You know how I feel about numbers (see any Jerry Rice thread on any Seahawks board) so I'm a little disturbed that they would recycle Chad's number so quickly.

    I understand that Bryce is a veteran guy and if it's not being used it's fair game, but it just doesn't seem right.

    I couldn't care about Taylor's number being recycled, since he never really did anything for us.

    I can't remember...who was #91?