Saturday, June 18, 2005

Football Withdrawl Jones'

I'm not sure if you can help me but I try very hard to over come this dilema during the offseason but things look very bleak for me right now. You see, the problem becomes more and more difficult with the passing of every offseason, and I believe that this may just be the last season that I can take it anymore.

Plainly put, I'm a Seahawks Junkie. I became addicted at the tender young age of 16 when I would stand outside the local restaraunt lounge while playing pinball and listening to the bar erupt on every great Hawks play. I would race to the door and peek inside to catch a glimps of the replay and watch everybody getting crazy wishing I could go in and join them.

I'm 44 now and the anquish of the offseason just gets worse every year. During the offseason, I scower every website, newspaper or just about anything I can find to help me get thru. I have tried taping many games to get a fix here and there during the summer months when my symtoms get really bad. I'm irratable, miserable, moody and just plain nasty without a Hawks game to watch and its got to be the real deal, live. I'm just not sure how much longer I can go on.

Then, to make matters worse, the season goes by like a flash. Basketball and baseball seasons are so long and they help my problem to a certain degree. But alas, nothing seems to work to get me over the football withdrawl Jones'. I got it bad man.

I have a background pic on the puter of the Hawks, in the Temple of Doom, lined up at the 20 against the Donks and every so often I have an illusion of a man in motion or a flag being thrown. sometimes I see a man jump offsides, the QB do a hard count or maybe change the play at the line. I can see the fans rustling around in the stands or motion on sidelines like a coach calling in a play.

Does anybody know how can I beat these offseason blues? I am afraid there isn't much time left as it has taken its toll on me. Keep in mind, If I go to the pub to watch the game, you know I am there. I am the guy who gets everybody charged up. definitly the loudest guy in the place. With this in mind, do you have any suggestions, before its too late, to help me get thru the dry season?


  1. I think the fact that no one until now has responded to this thread speaks volumes; apparently you are not alone in this Max, and just as apparently, no one else seems to know how to deal with the withdrawls either! LOL!
    I get the feeling that as people were reading this thread, there was a lot of head bobbing up and down in affirmation and understanding of the predicament you so accurately described. Probably a lot of "man that's for sure" statement muttered under the breath of those reading this, but unfortunately, no help from this crowd forthcoming. I am not surprised, as I certainly can offer no solutions.

  2. I guess its more directed at how does the offseason affect you?

  3. That and fooling around with my first topic and getting my art files linked to the boards without distortion. I had to compress the file so much it blured the type on the Diablo so its about unreadable.

  4. Just the other day my good fried was astounded that I was not up to par with my my mock drafts for the upcoming NBA draft. I told him that my web time had been dedicated to following the 'Hawks. And to see that the 'Hawks haven't really been doing anything shows that I'm also desparate for info, spending my time here and foregoing more immediate and constructive persuits.

    How does the offseason affect me? Well, when I'm really down, I pull out my Sea Gal cheerleaders uniform, and my pom poms, and......

  5. Ouch Check, thanks for the visual..that one will stay with me for days!

    And we all know what I do, I hang out venting on Anti-Hawkers and pouring Kool-aid, and in the down time here I play some football on my X-Box after making the daily player movements around the league. All teams have current rosters and players that have made large improvements have been edited according to their improvemnets. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  6. I love reading preview mags. That being said, I came across something that really upset me in one of my favorites (Lindy's) and I'd like to share an e-mail I sent the editor with you all.

    The subject line read "respect":

    The latest buzzword in sports is “respect”. Fans will say that their team doesn’t get enough “respect” in the media, players will say that they don’t get “respect” from other players. It’s become fashionable to be the underdog, even when reality puts you as the favorite. Disrespect is even being pushed upon teams like the Patriots and players like LaDainian Tomlinson by the national media.

    I am usually one of the largest foes of such nonsense. I believe that in general, good teams and good players are respected.

    I do however have one very large gripe.

    I have been a Seattle Seahawks fan for my entire life. They have never been a “great” team, and they deserve every bit of criticism they receive. There is one slight however, that they do not deserve. It is a slight that has repeatedly occurred in the television media, and recently in your magazine, a publication I “respect” very much. And it’s one that needs correction.

    In 2002, the Seahawks put a lot of money into a new stadium, and new uniforms. They also put a lot of thought into a new logo. It is not acceptable that a publication such as yours, one that is read across the country, should continue to use the old logo, 3 full seasons after the team has changed. Especially when other new logos, such as the Cardinals, have been updated in the mean time.

    Please work toward correcting this mistake. I know that I am not the only fan that loves your magazine, but was rather irked by this obvious oversight. Thank you.

    Tempe Arizona


    Posted by PaulieP

  7. Paulie. if you're refereing to Lindy's Football Peview guide, they have the correct one in last season's issue. The Logo 'is' the current one. I haven't picked up the most recent one though. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  8. The one I picked up for this season has the old logo. It has other things I take issue against with the Hawks, like ranking the secondary #5 overall in the NFL, but not having a top 10 safety or CB according to their list. But this actually upset me.  

    Posted by PaulieP

  9. I love the letter Paulie, nicely done! I think you told them in a polite yet firm way what you needed to say. Well done.

  10. Have You Dorks seen This?

    But as the Seahawks slog through another minicamp this week in their decades-long quest for respectability, the defensive end's rationale for accepting a free-agent offer from the NFL's most moribund franchise is worth repeating, especially since the Seahawks offered nearly the same five-year, $25 million deal.

    "There is a different attitude (in Arizona)," he said at a news conference in Phoenix. "(In Seattle) on a day-to-day basis I felt alone, not surrounded by enough people that thought like me, felt like me, played like me on a day-to-day basis and love the game like me. So I was in search of that from my teammates, and I felt that here. Teammates and coaches, we are all in it together. That had the most to do with the decision.

    "It was very easy because of that."

    This sums the Pigeons franchise. Why don't you sell your franchise? Rams Rule. I believe we are 3-0 during the last year.

  11. Why don't you sell your team?
    Wow, sounds like someones scared! I know if I were Rams fan, faced with the prospects of a team whose big offseason moves were adding a couple of over the hill always injured LBers, one of whom, even the Vikings, with their crappy defense didn't want. Not to mention a nut job for a head coach, who has no clue when it comes ot game management. In a division that they couldn't win last year, up against the Hawks who won the division and an improved Cardinals team I would be scared too. Looks like a 7-9 season for the Little Lambies.

  12. BTW Lambs fan, don't wear anything with a number 9 on it, your psycho head coach might scream like a little girl and lose what few strands of sanity he is still holding onto.

  13. One last thing Lamb lover, Chike Okeafor? You're trying to scare us with a quote from Chike Okeafor? A guy who is so small at DE he still wears a LB number?
    You see, there are reasons he is no longer with this team that he didn't mention, like, no one wanted his lame ass back, like he's been replaced by your ex DE Bryce Fisher, and his malcontent attitude. CYA Okeafor, believe me, you won't be missed at all!

    If I were you Lamb lover, I would be far more worried that the Cards beat your crap team out for second place this year, than whether or not you actually have a prayer of winning the division. Good luck with your new crap LBers loser!

  14. Oh Boy! My first topic and it gets invaded by a guy that has spent entirely too much time at the back end of Mary's little Lamb making it squeel. Not only that, the guy quotes Okeefer about some fool statement he made trying to justify his leaving the contending Seahawks for the browner pastures of the NFL's absolute worst run franchise that will never, ever find its way to the Show. And this guy comes in here spewing all this while he didn't even have the cajones to post a moniker.

    What a Yutz.

    BTW Paul, nicely done on the letter. Very well put.

  15. Max, I'll agree on everything except the remark about 'the Cards never making it to the Show.'

    That could actually happen in the near future, and I'm willing to bet that monkey's right, they'll make a strong run for the division title this season.

    And though some here don't like to admit it, we all need to keep one eye on this 'NFL's absolute worst run franchise...'

    Sorry guys, just being realistic. The Cards didn't get one of the few 'A' grades for their off-season moves for nothing. I see the race for the NFC West being between us and the Cards this season. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  16. Speaking of 'A' grades, anybody here play Maddon and find that every single NFL team gets an A or an A- as a draft grade? Obviously Mel Kiper is not the one deciding these. Jeez. 

    Posted by check