Monday, June 06, 2005

Randy Muelling Dolphins...

nothing big here...but Randy Mueller has been hired by the Dolphins as the GM...he worked with our Seahawks for awhile before leaving to the Saints in the early millenium

I was one guy who wanted him to come back when Whitsitt got fired


  1. Worked with our Seahawks for awhile??!! Didn't he start as a Ball Boy and work his way up from there to GM?

    I too thought that Mueller might be worth a second shot now that Whittless was gone, but I'm much happier that they decided to go in a whole new direction.

    I hope he has good luck in Seaworld, because I heard the former GM quit because Saban took all his authority.

  2. Yeah, sorry Randy, good luck with the Nicktator. 

    Posted by Josh from SC