Friday, June 03, 2005

Feel Good Story About Spencer

Click the external link to read the story at about Matt Hasselbeck's QB camp and Chris Spencer's participation.

Chris Spencer, the Seahawks first round draft pick this year, does not yet have a contract, nor is he required to participate in Matt Hasselbecks QB camp; yet there he is, volunteering his time, just because he is that kind of a person and because he wants to work with Matt Hasselbeck as much as possible in any way possible.

Clearly he is going above and beyond the call of duty by participating in Matt's camp, and I just wanted to give props where they are do with this post.

I think that seeing something like an unsigned rookie volunteering his time, ought to give us all a good feeling, not to mention a feeling that Tim Ruskell truly has this team heading in the right direction.
It's pretty clear that he did in fact draft high quality guys, I truly believe that this charater emphasis will translate to wins on the field and I can't wait to see it!


  1. I like that this also gives him a chance to work on the snaps he was having trouble with in minicamps...seems he's taking the initiative, and working on his weaknesses. I think he and Willis could be two of our best picks since Alexander and Hutch.

    Bravo Mr. Spencer.

  2. Also two observations of the pictures included with the story..

    1) Can ya pick out Spencer in the background of the first picture? Hmmmm

    2) Is that what's called a 'Happy Camper'?

    And Mr. Koolaid says Oh-Yeah!

  3. Its good that he realizes that he needs to get his time in, money or not. he gets an A+ 

    Posted by MaxHawk

  4. Lets see if it works right this time.

  5. Dude's definitely got don't get the nickname Hollywood by accident!

    He's also no dummy that if Matt gets comfortable with him then it'll only speed up his entry into the lineup.

  6. Anybody who still disagrees with that pick has their head further up than Matt's hands. 

    Posted by check

  7. Spencer to Matt: "Dude, I'm tellin'ya, better watch that right hand!" 

    Posted by Anonymous

  8. This is good stuff to see. Beats the hell out of hearing about personal problems, holding out because his agent's afraid he might get hurt, etc. Since the pick's already been made, it's nice to see the guy is solid and plans on doing all he can to contribute.

    That said, I can't help but bust loose with a couple of captions:

    Spencer: I can't cough without covering my mouth!


    Spencer: let me squeeze this one out before putting my hand back on the ball.

    Wow. Looking back at those comic jewels, I can't believe I haven't been contributing to the TWM threads already. Pure Gold!

  9. I can't cough without covering my mouth!


  10. Did anyone notice a very important(IMO) answer he gave? It was in responce to the first question in the "Ask Spencer" piece.

    Q: What football player did you watch and admire growing up?

    A:Jerry Rice, he's a Mississippi guy and everyone knew who he was. I just tuned in to his work ethic and patterned myself after his work ethic. I know we are a different position but to have the work wthic he has that is something I want to emulate. You can get that common bond since he is from Mississippi.

  11. Vin, no way Spence comes close to the reception totals or TDs as Rice though, in fact, if either total is over 2 he will be the C-GOAT!! LOL ;-) 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  12. Vin - where is this Spencer quote from ? 

    Posted by alba