Saturday, June 11, 2005

KFFL Updates

Seahawks | Dark-horse to Acquire Henry? - from
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 15:02:18 -0700's Len Pasquarelli reports there are some rumblings the Seattle Seahawks could be a dark-horse to acquire RB Travis Henry from the Buffalo Bills, should Seattle trade RB Shaun Alexander.

Also of some Interest:

Seahawks | Wallace Working on Return Game - from
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:31:50 -0700

Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace, WR Taco Wallace WR Bobby Engram, and RB Maurice Morris, worked on punt and kick returns at the team's minicamp this week.

Obviously, this first update is very interesting from the Shaun Alexander perspective.

I think that it's also interesting to see Seneca Wallace is still working on returning punts. Obviously Seneca has the speed and shiftiness to make a terrific punt returner, but I think that if they really do use as a punt returner, it makes the likelihood of picking up a veteran free agent QB even stronger.


  1. yeah i reported this a couple days ago on the shoutbox...but i wanna post my thoughts again, anyway...

    the rumors of Seattle asking for a 3rd from the Jags wouldn't be out of the ordinary...being linked as a possible 'dark horse' for Travis Henry...the Bills want a 3rd rounder...if Seattle traded SA to the Jags for a 3rd...they would have a big hole to fill at they would use one of their 3rd rounders to pick up Travis Henry

    it may be a downgrade...but it would provide cap relief...

    i personally hate the idea...but that may of been what they were thinking, whenever they tried a deal (if they even did)

  2. At least in our pass first offense, it wouldn't be a huge downgrade, and with the money saved, we could add someone who can really rush the passer.
    The real question is, would our offense be could enough to compete without both KRob and SA? And don't forget that it has been reported that DJack is in fact holding out right now because he's whining about his huge contract.
    Even adding Henry to that mix, we are a somewhat weakend offense, and without Henry a much weakend offense. To me it would be stupid, but what do I know?

  3. I think this is all still rumor created by the media. It makes sense from a numbers standpoint, other than the Jags being involved at all, since they have a full roster. Unless they cut Fred Taylor, they shouldn't have the need or the money I wouldn't think. Anybody know their cap status?

    How much of a team guy is Henry? Does he fit into the Ruskell plan? I equate it somewhat to the Corey Dillon deal with Cincy, he just got tired of losing. Henry is disgruntled because he wants to play. Neither of them being locker room problems had anything to do with the money. I think that Henry is a "Ruskell guy".

    I don't want SA to be traded, but if I had my choice, especially in this market, I'd choose Henry to replace him. He is a tough mofo, a year younger than SA, and if you look at his 2002 numbers, can put up similar to SA.

    And I agree with Monkey, re Seneca "it makes the likelihood of picking up a veteran free agent QB even stronger ", but I don't want that. With the players available, I'd just as soon use Seneca, or Alba for that matter. 

    Posted by Josh from SC