Monday, June 06, 2005

Fox Sports New Team Report

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Also, here's a link to the new Michael Boulware post in the Michael Boulware adopt a site. It contains the same information as the external link.

Perhaps the most interesting comments made, (aside from the almost obligatory remarks about why Robnson was released), were about Jordan Babineaux, Micheal Boulware and Jaimie Sharper.

The report said that the line for most improved player so far, forms behind Babineaux, who has gotten both stronger and more knowledgeable.
Apparently he has used the offseason to bulk up and to study film and it is translating well on the field.

The report mentioned that Rhodes has been using Boulware at both safety and at MLB in the Nickle defense, and may decide to continue doing that. It also mentioned that Boulware too had improved greatly, in his understanding of the defense. Gone are any uncertain first steps, which cost him some completions last season.

It also mentioned just how much the Hawks are counting on BIG things from Sharper, who will apparently replace Chad Brown on the strong side rather than playing MLB.


  1. Man I can't wait for the season to start!

  2. You and me both buddy, you and me both!

  3. Amen my brothas! 

    Posted by vin

  4. Clare/monkey said "Sharper, who will apparently replace Chad Brown on the strong side rather than playing MLB. "

    Interesting thing in Pro and Kahm, linkage, and you need to be registered, sorry check 

    Sharper said:
    "The scheme is similar enough to what I've experienced," he said. "But the verbiage is a little different. Once I get that down, I won't be having to listen to 'Kout anymore. Ain't that right. 'Kout?"

    Does that mean Sharper is gunning for the MLB spot, or that Niko won't have to talk to him as much cuz he'll know the play without translation. Myself, doesn't really matter, if Sharper is MLB I got no problems. I just hope that the other up and comers can move into their spots. Monkey, did Lofa play anything other than MLB in college?

    Also love the way Sharper was ribbing Niko, good to see chemistry already. Good times, good times.


    Posted by Josh from SC

  5. That's the entirety of what I took from that quote. Good to see a little joshing (pun intended) going on with the new guys in camp. 

    Posted by PaulieP