Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wanna Go Bouling On Friday?

Editor's Note: I bumped this thread up, now that it looks like we can afford him (see the next thread), and he's heading into town. A contract prediction subtopic has started in the comments. -Bluefoot

Peter Boulware is visiting us Friday's Len Pasquarelli reports free agent LB Peter Boulware (Ravens) and his agent, Roosevelt Barnes, have tentatively scheduled a visit with the Seattle Seahawks Friday, June 3. Boulware will meet with the Seahawks if he does not sign a contract with the Cleveland Browns, who he will visit with Thursday, June 2.

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  1. I will say this:

    if he makes it to the actual visit (another words doesn't sign before he visits)...and if he is checked out to be healthy...

    he will be a Seahawk...

    our visit is scheduled perfectly behind Cleveland's...he will probably want to hear both offers before making a decision...and we get the last say! (barring some miracle team coming and swooping him away)

    heres hoping John Clayton doesn't change his mind and say Boulware will come to Seattle instead of Cleveland (the opposite always happens...which is great for us right now)

  2. Spending the weekend in Seattle, nothin wrong with that idea.......lots to do and plenty to see..... Let's see.... Cleveland.... Seattle.... Clevland.... Seattle...hmmmmmmm. 

    Posted by Vin

  3. This is good... Seattle is gorgeous in June!

    Add to that the fact that we might have the cap room after tomorrow, this could turn out well for us.

    Don't get me wrong, I will be instantly sick and tired of all the predictable national media coverage, because now the analyts will know nothing about Seattle other than good coffee and, "Oh, yeah, aren't they the team with the brothers?"

    It's OK. I'll just turn the TV sound off and listen to the play-by-play on the radio.

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  5. basically...we cover the Seattle Seahawks heavily...

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  7. "we were rated #1 Seahawk site by Seattle Magazine...and most coveted new sports site by Baltimore Inquirer"

    We were? How? When? Where? Link?

  8. Mr. Foot - AyeDeePee had me going to until he mentioned the Baltimore Sun award!

    Benoit - you may enjoy this week's Crickler, as it's a virtual tour of the 12 Seahawks' Street blog using the popular word game puzzle.

  9. As I said on another site, when I interview for a job, I either want to be FIRST, so I'm the candidate by which all others are measured, or LAST so I'm the final impression that sticks in their minds as they're making their decision.

    If he makes it to Seattle for this visit, and checks out medically, then he'll probably be a Hawk, unless he's looking for a king's ransom.

    By then he'll know what the other teams have to offer (in terms of dollars, team chemistry, SB chances) so the FO will know what sales pitch is needed to "get 'er done"!

  10. hey cant a guy extend the truth a little bit to keep the traffic flowing?

  11. Bust out the limo, caviar, and the fan chant tape.

    Karen Dropinson is the anti-Troy Brown, but similarly he is gonna help out on defense this year, thanks Karen.


    Posted by Josh from SC

  12. ( has an interesting story regarding Petey, the Skidmarks, and us here 

    Cleveland has at least $1 million in cap room, and will be freeing up additional cap space by recouping bonus money from TE Kellen Winslow however  , the team can’t recoup that money until Winslow misses a mandatory three-day minicamp, which is scheduled to begin on June 13.

    So it seems the glove is on the other foot now, no, Herr Savage? 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  13. it's far from in the bag. i say our chances are still about 50-50.

  14. brett, to quote Vader, "Your lack of faith is disturbing." Have some kool-aide. 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  15. ok, so now that he escaped cleveland to at least visit, i will issue this bold proclamation:

    boulware signs with the hawks on monday. his contract will be 4 years for $6.5 million, including a $2 million signing bonus.

    i'm out on fridays, so i'll check back on monday to see how wrong i was. and i hereby encourage all others to participate in the prediction pool.

  16. It's a bummer that PB has to come to town on a day where everyone is gotta be just a little bit down over having to release K-Drop.

  17. I don't know Alba, they could be jumping for joy. 

    Posted by MaxHawk

  18. UPDATE: PB Doesn't get an offer in Cleveland

    Browns | No Offer to Boulware - from
    Thu, 2 Jun 2005 19:16:22 -0700

    Patrick McManamon, of the Akron Beacon Journal, reports free agent LB Peter Boulware (Ravens) left Cleveland Thursday, June 2 without a contract offer from the Cleveland Browns. "We don't want to be the team, so to speak, to kind of set the bar right now because we don't know where the bar is going to be," general manager Phil Savage. The Browns gave Boulware a physical, and though he didn't say it directly, Savage sounded cautious about the health of Boulware. He missed all of last season with knee and toe injuries. Boulware is now on his way to Seattle and after that he has "a couple other things lined up."

  19. My prediction: Boulware will sign with the Seahawks, I now give us a 80% chance, and his contract will be for 4 years, $5.5 million, $1.25 mil signing bonus, with another $750k available through incentives.

    And he gets a locker across from his bro.

  20. I say if he signs at all before visiting anyone else, it will be tomorrow with us...otherwise, I would think he would go visit somewhere

    the Browns wont release the physical information probably because they know we have the front seat...and they want us to get the feeling that there is doubts...i think they know they are losing this battle and want to see how much damage we do before they make an offer

    im actually starting to feel bad for them...noone wants to play for them, it kinda reminds me of the last few years with the Mariners, and the years before Grant Wistrom with the Seahawks...but nonetheless, we need a pass rusher more then they do (not to filla hole purposes, but for the final piece purposes)

  21. Newsome is on record as saying that PB wants to play with his brother and that will factor into his decission.

    Newsome also goes on to say that he does not believe cleveland has a good chance to sign him..

    It looks like PB is ours to lose!

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  23. I'm not sure how I feel about the Browns not giving PB some kind of an offer. On the one hand, I feel that this quite obviously puts us firmly in the drivers seat to land him (though I think with Sharper and his brother here we really were all along), but on the other hand, when a team as deserate as the Brwons for linebacker help doesn't even give him an offer, it may be indicative of health issues, which worries me quite a bit. We shall find out soon enough I guess, but I'll say this, IF PB turns out to be healthy, IF he passes our physical he will sign here probably a 4 year deal for arond 6 mil, with playing time incentives and a signing bonus of around 2 mil. That's my prediction anyway.

  24. BTW, if PB doesn't pass his physical, dont be surprised if we make a run at Kyle Turley for RT.
    Personally, as much as I would like to see us sign PB and as much as we need a pass rusher, I also feel that Turley would be an even bigger coup for us. Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to pursue both, now that would be awesome, if I had my druthers I would sign Turley but pass rush is a more immediate need.

  25. Monkey - it's the old car dealer thing. If I'm selling Fords and I know you've got a brother who works for the Chevy dealer down the street, I'm not going to give you a final price on my Explorer just so he can undercut me on at Trailblazer. (no, not Rasheed Wallace!)

    The Browns are playing this one right. Having him leave town without an offer and without releasing the results of his physical will put some doubt in the Seattle FO's minds that the Browns may have found something wrong with him that we're not seeing.

    Guaranteed he gets a cell phone call from Cleveland somewhere around the time the Browns think we're making our pitch for him.

    Also, Vinny should be right on board with your Kyle Turley idea. He's been lusting after him since Turley threatened Mrs. Doubtfire's life!

  26. Turley, no way, he's too much of a troublemaker. And he isn't healthy, I heard he had lost 40 lbs, will look for the link.

    My opinion, PB, he's ours. He'll get similar to Sharper, once incentives are factored in.  15.5 total, 1.5 bonus, 5 years. No reason this guy can't count 3 mil a year against the cap if healthy, just not this year.

    How are the incentives figured into the cap?

    Say they give him 1.5 bonus which is stretched over 2 years, and 750k for the year with incentives that can escalate to 3 mil. What is the cap hit? 1.5 or 3.75? Are the incentives pushed ahead? Seems kinda silly for cap reasons to use incentives, although pretty obvious why you would use them from a paycheck-writers viewpoint.  

    Posted by Josh from SC

  27. Now if we only would have landed Hartwell, we would have effectively composed our LB corp out of studs from that nasty Baltimore defense. Would have been a nice sweep, but I'll take PB and Sharper any day. I just can't wait (if it happens) to see the Ram's fans try to convince the world that a Coakly plus a Claiborne will trump a Peter Boulware and a Jamie Sharper! 

    Posted by check