Friday, June 03, 2005

Hasselbeck's Soon To Be Improved Passer Rating.

Here's the stats guys:

Robinson - 67 targets, 10 drops
Jackson - 156 targets, 11 drops
Engram - 53 targets, 2 drops
Total - 276 targets, 23 drops

Looking at these numbers, it is clear that percentage wise, the biggest culprits for dropping passes last season were KDrop and DJack. Engram only rarely dropped passes, (unfortunately his second dropped pass came at the worst possible time, but that's an aside), these stats show that approx 45% of our drops came from a guy who got thrown about 22% of the passes.

If this isn't what is meant by the term "addition by subtraction" I don't know what is.
Perhaps more importantly, Robinson, in a sense, will now be replaced by two guys with terific hands, Jurivicius and Pathon.
Bottom line, Hasselbeck may be on the verge of having his career high passer percentage, and we will finally, once and for all find out whether or not the specualtion that, Hasselbeck would be a great QB if it weren't for all the dropped passes is true.


  1. Talk about statistics you can use! Beautiful.

  2. Now THAT's a GRAPHic!!!

    Unfortunately, Matt will probably suffer his highest sack ratio this season, from standing back in the pocket too long trying to figure out WHICH ONE of the WIDE OPEN and SURE HANDED receivers to throw the ball to!!

  3. Nice. I really think Hass is gonna be very efficient this year, esp if Stevens comes along as we suspect (and have suspected) 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  4. Well combine more catches by the WRs with a better performance from the TEs as pointed out by Mr A, and this Could be Matt's breakout season. MVP here we come! ;D

    And Alba, what an awful problem to have huh?
    Too many WRs that can catch.

  5. You guys are great,, with this blog I can aleast get my hawk fix in the off season,, here in Billings, Montana all they know is Denver Donkeys. And you know the rams don't like Montana because, in Montana men are men and sheep are nervious.

    Posted by old time hawk fan

  6. what about stone hands Jackson, is he going to show up this year?

  7. I love it. I have been looking for those stats all season.
    2 from Bobby, way to go Engram!
    Where did you find those stats?
    I would like to see the stats on Johnnie Morton. He got cut because of the drops in the playoffs against the Colts.


  9. Incidentally, if anybody cares:

    Assuming JJ and Pathon drop an equal percentage as the sure handed Engram, then that will save 7 drops next year. At the same yards per catch average, this would result in a QB rating increas from 83.2 to 85.1.

    Going a step further, if you assume there will likely be about 5 more catches that are made that wouldn't be ruled "drops" if not made, simply due to sticky handedness, the rating will climb to >86.6.

    Yet one more step would be to assume that at least two of these catches will result in TD's (since it seemed a disproportionate amount of the drops were sure TD's) and that these new catches will lead to two fewer interceptions resulting from the ball popping into the air and the QB rating climbs again to 89.7

    Matt's career high, set in 2003 was a rating of 88.8. So what's the point? Monkey is right!

  10. Wow check, you just made the best point that has ever been made, in all of the history of mankind, "monkey is right"!
    This is why I believe that check is by far and away the most intelligent blogger that this site has or ever will see, because he gets it, he gets the most important thing that anyone can get, "monkey is right"! LOL!
    I am glad you see the truth check, I am glad that you recognize this all encompassing imoprtant truth, that, "monkey is right"!

  11. Seriously though check, good job putting the numbers together like that. It just stands to reason that Hass will experience a much higher QB rating this year than the last two, and your numbers have nicely backed this theory up. Thanks.

  12. I'd also like to point out(without all those nifty stats, nice work guys), that with our O-line actually working together this offseason(thanks to the offseason move of getting Walter to camp), Matt will have much improved pass protection. And thus I feel at least a 10% increase in connecting with an open reciever. Instead of having to force it into traffic because of early pressure. 

    Posted by Vin

  13. I honestly don't know the formulas - another thing that will happen is that drives will continue, which means even MORE yards, catches and touchdowns, since a lot of those drops killed drives. This will also affect his rating, no?

  14. Like I said (tongue in cheek)..........

    Matt for NFC MVP! 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi