Monday, June 13, 2005

Finally a prediction I can agree with!

From FOX by Phil Barber, titled tuning up.
He rates all the different teams by full throttle, accelerating, cruise control, parking brake on, and in reverse. The Hawks he said are accelerating, whereas the Lambs have the parking brake on.

Seahawks: The Seahawks did a good job of plugging holes. Defensive end Bryce Fisher and cornerback Andre Dyson were brought through the free-agent "in" door as Chike Okeafor and Ken Lucas were leaving through the "out." The Seahawks also pounced on outside linebacker Jamie Sharper as a replacement for Chad Brown. Grade: B

Rams: The Rams should have eight new starters, including five who are new to the roster. The changes don't appear to be sweeping, though. Free-agent additions Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley are expected to fill two of the linebacker spots, and coach Mike Martz is hoping rookie Alex Barron can jump in at right tackle. The team will miss end Bryce Fisher. Looks like 8-8 again, eh? Grade: C

Couldn't agree more! I especially loved this line, "The team will miss end Bryce Fisher."


  1. That B grade could still be a solid A if we add PB or someone comparable. I am still hoping that Simeon Rice gets the axe and we
    can snatch him up, if PB falls through or is not healthy enough.
    Who knows who else might pop up as well? We're not done yet though according to Ruskell.

  2. Again, to quote Frank Barone: "Holy Crap!"

    I actually agree with a national writer. What the ....! :D 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  3. That's kind of how I felt Vin. LOL!

  4. im still not budging from our A offseason and the Rams' D offseason...

    considering that Hasselbeck or Jones could of easily skipped town had they become free agents (it still could of happened...luckily we didnt take that risk), and considering we managed to lock up EVERY player that was important to this organization is great...

    by 'every important player', im excluding Okeafor and Lucas, because both were replaced (and i still think Dyson and Herndon together for less money is a thousand times better then Lucas by himself)

    the Rams i change my vote to a Z-

    im happy to accept that respect though...great to see someone who actually pays attention rather then assumes...but it makes me wonder what realm im in...we were a super bowl contedner last year, but injuries killed us, we should be healthier this season, and overall a MUCH better we should have a better chance, except without the stupid bandwagoners

    for the rest of the 'experts' better hope i dont make it to the NFL and get ANY media help me i will rip a hole in this earth (that goes for pretty much everything im annoyed with for this country)

    notice the chip on my shoulder? Andrew isnt in a good mood right now

  5. But Andrew is dead on.....I agree with everything you said...right down to the Super Bowl contention sans injuries.

    Nice job ADP! 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  6. Vinny, i must thank you for actually reading my post, considering the still waiting for an answer to a question i had in the Travis Henry thread...but i must of been overlooked... 

    Posted by ADP

  7. "That B grade could still be a solid A if we add PB or someone comparable "

    Screw it, I am on the Fisher/Hukeba (I love Huck-a-bees!) bandwagon. PB, Rice, whatever, mere has-beens.

    Whats nice is this guy isn't rating the offseason based on the draft, or the draft alone anyway. Certainly our draft was "unconventional", but even the dorks that gave us bad grades usually admit you cannot judge a draft... blah blah blah.

    Oh, and look at this site if you wanna get mad.
    Scroll to the very bottom.


    Posted by Josh from SC

  8. Yep Josh, that did it, yet another "expert" who knows nothing about his subject matter...what a surprise.
    Funny thing is, the only move he liked was Willis, who IMHO is the biggest question mark of this draft. You see, I watched several FSU games last year and in each game I watched Willis was actually mediocre to terrible. I personally witnessed Willis letting up five sacks against a DE who didn't get drafted until the 7th round this draft. Funny how it is that FSU guys are so often overrated just because of where they play. This is not to say that I don't think Willis can play for us, just that the author obviously didn't watch any film of Willis before writing that drivel, nor did he watch any USC games, or he would have seen what an animal Lofa is. Come to think of it, he couldn't have actually seen many games from Georgia either, considering that Greene is the winningest QB in NCAA history. What an idiot! I can't wait for guys like Spencer, Lofa, Hill, and Huckeba to make a contribution this year and shut idiots like this guy up.

  9. "shut idiots like this guy up "

    Never happen, there is no accountability. How do you think Mel Kiper still has a job? Other than the hair obviously... 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  10. I know we had a poor draft, but an "F"?

  11. Mel Kiper, you are right of course Josh, they will all be back the next year and the next and the next giving us the same drivel about measureables and about sos and so can play because he went to a big time school etc...
    No accountability is exactly right, this is why so many fans wish that they had these peoples jobs.
    Personally I think that being a sports writer and being a weatherman have to be two of the cushiest jobs in the U.S., considering that they can both be wrong 50% of the time and still keep thier jobs.
    As Don King says, "only in America!"

  12. Poor Draft Max? Can't wait to remind you of that when half those guys are starters in three years.

    I'm so tired of people that refere to it as a 'bad' or 'poor' draft simply based on the fact that thy did not draft the way many said they 'should'.

    And I will be more tha happy to point this out as often as possible throughout the next few seasons as these guys continue to impress. Not just the draftees but the team as a whole. Further proving that the 'so called' needs were not that 'obvious'. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  13. We'll see Vin, I think three years is a realistic increment of time needed to pass before one can accurately guage just exactly how good or bad a draft was. If, however, (as I suspect will be the case) several of these guys make a big impact right away, I will be firmly convinced that Ruskell is a genious.

    Remeber this, all of you guys who hate this draft, (which initially included me) drafting for need usually causes a team to reach for players. No one would argue that we drafted for need, although many will say we reached anyway. To me, it's just way too early to say one way or another. But for now, reading things that I have about Spencer and Lofa etc...have convinced me to at least give Ruskell and co. the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong on the field.

  14. Couldn't agree more monkey couldn't agree more. When I made the "3 yr" statement I was trying to be conservative to avoid a deluge of "What are you talking about!". I agree whole heartedly that a few of these guys could wind up playing if not starting this season. Spencer, Tatupu and Hill in particular. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  15. Monkey, stick to Bananas and keep off Vinny's home brew...

    Vinny, ease up off of me will ya? You're like a slap happy jappy with a crap happy pappy when it comes to relating to me these days.
    You got to admit a center as the first when we had other MORE PRESSING needs was a bit of a surprise. either way, the picks are looking pretty good, for the most part, in camp. Time will tell the truth.