Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bruce held out of camp for abnormality in heart test

I would have posted a picture with this thread, but I hate to make light of a potentially serious problem with a classy guy (even for a Ram) like Isaac Bruce, and I CERTAINLY WILL NOT post any picture of a Rams logo here, (I refuse to dirty this blog site with that image), so if any of you guys want to post an appropriate picture feel free.

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- St. Louis Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce was held out of minicamp Friday due to an irregularity in a heart test given to all players.
"His physical showed just a slight abnormality," coach Mike Martz said. "He had a little glitch."
After watching the first of two workouts Friday, Bruce said he believed the test was a mistake. He hoped to undergo a second test later Friday, although Martz said a specialist who normally administers such tests was out of town until Tuesday, which would sideline Bruce for the remainder of the three-day camp.
"Something funny showed up on the EKG, that's all, " Bruce said. "I was a little shocked. I'm thinking something's wrong with the machine, not anything wrong with me."
The 32-year-old, 12-year veteran was second on the team last season with 89 catches for 1,292 yards and six touchdowns. He suggested that perhaps a blood test might have spiked his heart rate.
"I'm thinking it's the machine," Bruce said. "I don't like drawing blood. I don't like needles."
In any case, he didn't appear concerned.
"I don't anticipate me stopping playing or anything like that," he said. "I'm feeling good. I learned a long time ago not to let a doctor's diagnosis deter me."
The Rams weren't overly concerned yet, either.
"I don't think it's a major issue, but I don't know," Martz said. "You just go back and recheck and take some more tests."

Also in that same article was this very interesting and very good (for us) blurb about Alex Barron.
"Meanwhile, the offensive tackle the Rams drafted in the first round to take Turley's spot, Alex Barron, was temporarily dropped to second string on Friday. Martz said Barron, who played left tackle at Miami, was having difficulty with the switch to the right side opposite All-Pro left tackle Orlando Pace."

Regarding the Bruce situation, I can only say too bad, he's a classy guy and the NFL could stand to have a lot more players like him.

Regarding the Barron blub, all I can say is, BWAhahahahahahaha!!!!!


  1. monkey - couple things

    first...the Rams are said to be not very high on Barron, and just picked him to try to fill a need...apparently, they really had their hearts set on Thomas Davis

    second...after WE LOST (the Rams didnt win...our team lost) that heartbreaking 1st game against the Rams, Bruce was the one who rubbed it in, pointing to his helmet mocking the crowd, therefore, he can go screw himself

    as for the heart problem, yeh i feel bad for anyone to go through that..except Bulger, Martz, TO, Anthony Wright, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rich Harden, and every 'expert' in the world that doesnt live in Washington State or is named John Clayton...i would say refs...but i want them to have a slow and painful life

    morbid huh?

  2. oh yeh...add Hartwell to the list, too...

  3. ADP...were you being intentionally or accidentally "punny" in your comments:

    apparently, they really had their hearts set on Thomas Davis

    that heartbreaking 1st game against the Rams

    add Hartwell to the list, too...

  4. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I picked what I believe to be an appropriate graphic for this story.

    Bruce needs a HEART
    Martz needs a BRAIN
    Holt needs some COURAGE

    And playing the part of Dorothy is none other than Brena Warner...who just wants to go back HOME to St. Louise!

  5. lol good stuff

    and was accidental, thanks for pointing it out, though...

  6. Brenda Warner... hahahahahaha. Man I love to hate her.

    Good luck to Ike with his heart, hope he feels better. I don't want to hope its career threatening, but I do. 

    Posted by Josh from SC