Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's official

The Seahawks have released WR Koren Robinson and CB Taylor. That frees up enough cap space to snag one Peter Bolware, so rejoice!!

Boulware should be on his way to the Emerald City this evening. Let's hope they pull out the stops like they did with Sharper,


  1. It was a doomed marriage from the start, like this one:  

    Posted by Jilted

  2. you beat me to it! had a named picked out and everything ("Never Saw It Coming")

    oh well...ill trade those two for Boulware...within the next few hours, Boulware should be heading to Seattle...I thought there would be no chance for the Browns to sign him when he visits, because his brother is waiting in Seattle, and there is NO WAY he wouldnt check out the possibilities before signing elsewhere

    Michael is CLUTCH

  3. Ah, glorious news. I wish Koren well, though. Hopefully he'll get his act together somewhere else (just not fucking Arizona or St. Louis).

    As for Taylor, it's too bad, he seemed like a good guy, just had bad luck. Best wishes go to him, as well. 

    Posted by JoshFromKent

  4. ok there are rumors circulating that Boulware is on a plane as we speak...

  5. yeh I wish them both the best of luck...

    hopefully K Rob will sign with someone in the AFC...

    and we practically used Bobby Taylor...he had a HUGE impact on Ken Hamlin...who worked out with him all the time

  6. There's talk down here of trying to get Bobby as a mentor to the young DBs. 

    Posted by PaulieP

  7. i am so happy i could cry. there is a God! and he likes the seahawks! (finally!)

    bobby in arizona makes some sense. hope things work out for him. robinson might take awhile to stick somewhere though. he might be out for the year, with court/suspension things still to be resolved.

    hoping boulware is healthy and ready to sign for a reasonable price. i doubt the hawks will offer more than $1.5 million a year.

  8. the Cardinals???

    they can steal all the old players from us they want...

    we steal from the rams, they steal from us...its becoming a cycle...

  9. Great news and great graphic Greg!

    Geez, I take a few hours off to have a late lunch with a couple of coworkers and the shizz hits the fan.

    Let's hope Boulware is the real deal, and that the deal is really attractive!

  10. The decision to part ways with the talented but troubled wide receiver was made even before reports of Robinson's arrest last month for driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving became public this week.

    thats from the PI...interesting

  11. so now everyone is going to take mary a little more seriously, i suppose. of course, i was saying the same thing, just without the cold hard facts.

  12. Anyone else find the choice of graphic for the article on to be intriguing?

    Kind of a nameless unity huddle, or a silent tribute for fallen comrades.


  13. here's an apt commentary on the state of professional sports

  14. The Trib reported at 11:45 pm that Boulware made it out of Cleveland without signing a contract last night. this is good news. 

    Posted by MaxHawk

  15. And he did land at SeaTac last night.

  16. This makes Joe Jurivicius a legitimate fantasy football threat. Not to mention confirming something that I have been predicting since we signed him, he will be our #3 if not #2 for certain. I said he would when we signed him, thinking that he would have to beat out KDrop for his spot, now he won't even have to do that, he just needs to be who he is, a tall, faster than you think excellent hands guy who will be someone Hass will learn to rely on when there seems to be no one open.

    My prediction, our two biggest surprises this year offensively, JJ and Jerramy Stevens, who will both use their size to become reciever that Hass will lean heavily on in big situations.

  17. This move seems to complete our new character emphasis thing that has been happening since Ruskell became the pres. Adding PB would only add to it, as he is a truly class guy as well as a great pass rusher.
    It will be interesting to me to see now if this whole character over talent thing works out the way I have always thought it would. I will be watching this season from more than just a fans perspective now, I will also be watching like a scientist watches to see if his hypothesis proves to be true. I have always believed that character trumps raw talent, now we will see if this is true.

  18. Character is contageous.

    Character is sometimes described as "what you do when nobody's looking", which is accurate, but it can be much more powerful when you have an audience too.

    You teach people so much more by what you DO than what you SAY.

    Character alone cannot make a difference, but filling the lockerroom with talented guys who also possess character should make a HUGE difference.

    If a rookie sees the "vets" coming in late, and taking plays off, and futzing around when they should be working out, what do you think HE'S gonna do?

    However, if he see the "vets" coming in early, putting out 100% on every play, and working out seriously, and MORE than required, what do you think HE'S gonna do.

    That's the difference that Character can make.

  19. I wonder what Jerramy Stevens thinks of all this. There are so many parallels between the two - legal troubles in college, convincing Holmgren to take him anyway, with a high draft choice, underachieving, DUI in Medina...
    I think Stevens dodged a bullet. Hopefully he realizes that too.

    Stevens' comments about having turned over a new leaf sound more sincere that Robinsons ever did, and reports are that he is actually doing the things he needs to do to be what he can be. I hope that this situation with Robinson really sinks in and keeps Stevens on the straight and narrow.

    If so, then that would be one more benefit from cutting Robinson loose.  

    Posted by Highwater

  20. I think I already told the story about the manager of a small ski rental shop, who when needing to fill 5 seasonal spots, would hire 6 people.

    Then, when the first new hire messed up (showed up late, left early, etc.) he FIRED that person on the spot, publicly, in front of the entire staff.

    The other 5 never exhibited the same unwanted behavior after that!

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Having rules is one thing, witnessing the consequences of breaking them is PRICELESS!

  21. Highwater you brought up a great point i was thinking about this morning before i went to sleep

    this is definitely making Stevens look good...and this is a thing for him, because he knows he will end up like K Rob if he doesnt keep his act straight

    but unlike K Rob...Stevens has kept his word...Hasselbeck was very outspoken about him...but Hass never talked about KRob, despite the 'im not stupid' speeches

    I wonder why?...

  22. never heard that story...good analogy towards the Seahawk situation

    you like that big word...its almost as if i didnt sleep in school!

  23. I'm surprised that Steven hasn't been cut for the past BS and his lack of production.