Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jurevicius takes a novel approach to playing WR, he tries to CATCH the ball first!

From the Seattle P-I comes this startling revelation, that it works better for a reciever to catch the ball before trying to do anything else, (click the external link for the complete story).

"What I've noticed so far is the ball coming in there close in tight coverage and Joe is grabbing it and not letting go," said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who returned yesterday after missing two days of workouts following the death of his grandmother. "Sometimes a hand slap gets the ball out of there, but he's showing that he holds onto the ball well."

The catch: It's a matter of repetition, a lesson Jurevicius learned from his father and then his coach at Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, Ohio. The more balls you catch -- from the QB during practice, off the ball machine after practice -- the easier it becomes to catch.

"The biggest thing is focusing on the ball, and if you're able to focus on a football it's going to make your chances of catching it that much better," he said.

On one hand I think that it's absolutely awesome that we finally have a reciever with terrific hands (other than Engram, the forgotten reciever) but on the other hand, I have to scratch my head and wonder how it got so bad, that the press is writing articles about a reciever who can actually catch.


  1. I am not so sure i am happy about a reciever that can catch the ball...the seahawks are really going out on a limb here looking for talent, makes me think they want to win....silly silly seahawks 

    Posted by Monster (Monkey's kick ass wife)

  2. You know your thread sucks when you have to get your wife to post comments to it... and re-imburse with 'favors'.


    Posted by Bluefoot

  3. hahahahahaha funny stuff Blue

    looks like monkeys getting his banana peeled

    but on the WR note...JJ and Engram arent afraid of going across the middle, therefore they are the only two WRs that make sense in the im fine with JJ playing there...hes going to be a huge target

  4. "You know your thread sucks when you have to get your wife to post comments to it... and re-imburse with 'favors'."
    I guess so!

  5. "The Catch: It's a matter of repetition"

    Exactly what I've been saying all along and that's my biggest complaint about anyone that's not in Camp (Jackson and SA in particular), every day in camp is another day of improving the rythem between the QB and the Reciever. And if any of these guys want to improve on last season's production they shoudl be here every chance they can get.

    I'd like to point out that I mentioned Shaun only because #1 he could use the reps on the screens and the repetition would also allow him to improve his blocking on pass plays. I realize everyone here is in agreement that he's some sort of savior for this team but he still has room to improve.

    So in my opinion these two are hurting the team by not being in camp whether it's excused or not. And I hope that all these players will be here and ready to play when practice gets under way full bore in July.

    And I also think that the new Chemestry and attitude among the recievers will be nothing but benficial to the team once the season gets under way.

    I'm anticipating a record season for Matt and think that with the participation of Jones in camps our team will be in the top five offenses in the league thius season. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  6. Vin, believe it or not, I agree with you. On all points. Except for the fact that Shaun can't be in camp without the tender signed (too much risk for injury (( it does happen, remember Bannister))). Other than that, I agree that he has some improvements to make, and that he could be making those in camp now. Here's hoping we get things done in July and he can come in for training camp.

    Also, Jones being in camp will be HUGE for the O. I see top 5 as well, when we get our receivers straightened out. 

    Posted by PaulieP