Monday, June 13, 2005

Omar Nazel signs with Browns

Browns | Nazel Signed - from
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 14:21:18 -0700

The Cleveland Browns have announced the team has signed free agent LB Omar Nazel (Seahawks). Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

So what you say? Well I think that this may affect how hard the Browns pursue Peter Boulware now.

Browns | Door Still Open for Boulware? - from
Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Patrick McManamon, of the Akron Beacon Journal, reports the Cleveland Browns are still pondering whether to sign free agent LB Peter Boulware (Ravens). General manager Phil Savage has indicated that there is some concern about Boulware's health. Boulware hasn't played in more than a year due to knee and toe injuries. "The door has not been closed,'' head coach Romeo Crennel said.

Although they say the door has not been closed, after signing Omar, you have to wonder if the door isn't at least beginning to swing shut.

Perhaps, more importantly to the Seahawks, is the admission once again, that the Browns have concerns with Boulware's injuries.
After reading that Boulware had micro fracture surgery, which is a difficult surgery to come back 100% from, perhaps it's best to hold off on signing this guy until we can work him out, or until we know what other options may present themselves.

Also, does anyone remember Omar? I don't know anything about him, other than that he was a USC DE and we picked him up as a free agent last season and he never played.
here is all I was able to find out about him.


  1. I should also say that the fact that the Browns are picking up our cast off LBers says alot about how desperate they are for defensive help and also how much better depth we have this year at LB.

  2. Monk, Sando mentioned that that knee injury can take as long as two years to heal.

  3. Ya I read that.I also did a little of my own research into micro fracture surgery and discovered that there have been some cases of an athlete coming back, but fewer than I like to see. I can confirm what Sando said, that is also what the medical sites said as well, sometimes earlier but often two years.

  4. Jason Kidd had the surgery and is fine now, and there are others as well, in fact they say that the sugery has come a long ways in the last couple years, but I still have my concerns.

  5. im glad i was the only one off his bandwagon...people are starting to slide to my side...

    i do like him as a 'cant hurt us' signing...unless he is overpaid

    but the surgery he had was graphic, disgusting, painful, and as known, 2 yerars long...and he will NEVER be 100%

    like i said before, im not 100% in favor of getting him, with the only way id want him is for a VERY fair price (one that some teams could probably beat us with)