Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You Gotta be Kidding!!!

If you have access to .net or .scouts insider stuff you can read the article in the external link, otherwise...
I have posted the lines from the article that grabbed my attention (grabbed me somewhere else too, it Wizzinatored me off!), the authors name who wrote this crap is, Nick Athan.

"Clearly Robinson received little help from the Seahawks organization. They quite likely turned their heads and hoped they could keep him focused on playing the game on Sunday’s and cared little about getting him to and from the practice field and game days’ ready to play football. But they obviously don’t have the infrastructure internally in the organization to handle a player with the problems that are haunting Robinson. Winston has that experience and expertise to help Robinson become a better person before he becomes a better football player.

Fortunately the Chiefs are blessed with people inside the organization that can get Robinson back on track both personally and professionally. Lamont Winston, who works in the Chiefs front-office, has helped young and troubled players adjust to life in the NFL."

Who is this jerk kidding? What was done to help Koren has been well documented, I cannot believe that someone would have the arrogance to print this crap. If anyone can find a way to respond directly to the author, please provide a link somewhere in the comments section of this thread, I would like to chew on this guys head for a while.

And, as to the Chiefs being able to deal with Koren in a way the Hawks couldn't...ya, right, good luck with that!


  1. That's just a dumb comment. Someone trying to rationalize the chiefs being interested in a case of wasted (again pun intended) potential. I wish Koren all the luck in the world, I really do. I hope he turns into the next Chris Carter. But I fear he won't.

  2. well guys who were ready to castrate me thinking i might of been making fun of Holmgren crying...

    this is a slap in the face and in many ways says Holmgren was just a baby and didn't do enough to help KRob...jump away!!! lol

    seriously...this guy clearly doesn't know sports...he is a typical fan who thinks they know everything... this is just one of those cases where, if you don't know anything about the situation, then dont comment...

    you don't see me going around talking like i know everything about the Chiefs...i dont, because i dont follow them heavily...so the same for this guy

    what a piece of crap...he sounds a lot like my butt...

    if i wanted to hear an asshole, id fart

  3. I think this is your man, monkey.

    Nick Athan

    Unless there are other 'Nick Athans' in Kansas.

    I would ask before sounding off.

  4. Thanks Bluefoot, I knew I could count on you to find it. I will indeed give him a piece of my mind, though not a very big piece, as I can't afford to lose much more of it.

  5. I just sent him an inquiry. Stay tuned.

  6. While I'm waiting--

    About Holmgren: I know that he's being criticized high and low for being too lenient with Koren, but I have to say my respect for the man has not diminished. Some say that his efforts were a waste, but I say not.

    Ending in failure or not, I admire someone who will put their own a$$ on the line to give another person a second chance. That's what being a good person is all about. In this case, Koren continued to fail him.

    Is that Holmgren's fault? No, that was Koren's choice. I still think Mike made the right one.

  7. if thats isnt good character Blue...i dont know what is 

    Posted by ADP

  8. You will get no rgument from me there. I may not have liked the end result, and I may believe that he was too close emotionally to the situation to be objective, but I cannot fault a guy for trying his best to help someone.
    I'll never forget a bit of advice I heard once, regarding helping someone out of a bad situation, the advice was to remember that when deciding whether or not to carry someone that needs help, that people are heavy, very heavy, and the kind of person who needs to be carried cannot afford to be dropped.
    I think Mike understood that, and that is why it hit him so hard personally, when his efforts to carry Koren resulted in a drop (no pun intended).

  9. With the time difference, I'm guessing that I won't hear back from the author until tomorrow, if at all.

  10. I am posting this here, not to try to steer away from the topic, (though it was my topic so I suppose it can't hurt) but rather because the DJack thread is far enough donw that I doubt it will be seen, but I really wanted people to see it.

    link to story

    Each week there is a new cause to rally around. Next week it will be a matchup against AFC East rival New York, also 5-0. Yesterday, Rodney Harrison took a few words from usually quiet Seattle receiver Darrell Jackson, who said among other things the Patriots were "beatable," and he turned them into what Harrison called "fuel for the fire."

    "Two losses in a row [for the Seahawks]," Harrison said. "Breaks my heart."

    The fiery Patriots safety, who had another strong game in the 30-20 win over the Seahawks at Gillette Stadium, said the team plays too hard to accept what he terms "disrespectful chatter" from the opposition. Harrison believes New England's opponents should respect "a bunch of guys who work hard every week to prepare to play football as a team." He claimed he turned to Jackson at one point and said, "Why don't you just shut up and play?"

    "We don't have a bunch of clowns in here," Harrison said. "We have good, quality people. It's a tough locker room if you're a prima donna. There's not one guy who singles himself out as being better or different than anyone else."

    This is exactly the sort of thing I was referring to when I said he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. DJack seems to have an overly high opinion of his abilities.

  11. GROUP HUG! 

    I love you guys! :D 

    Posted by vin

  12. monkey, just an opinion, but receivers seem to like to mess with Harrison. Not sure why, they always seem to pay for it, but they do.

    "usually quiet Seattle receiver Darrell Jackson " 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  13. I decided to post this here as well, for the same reason monkey did, the DJack thread wasn't geting the views:

    Now wait a minute. Harrison is hardly a person I want anyone on my team taking cues from. The guy is known as one of the biggest talkers, and one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. While Darrel may talk alot, Harrison is hardly a saint. Anything he says I discredit. 

    Posted by PaulieP

  14. I have a question....and don't jump down my throat for asking, but what every happened to teaching our kids sportsmanship? I'm not just talking about these two or this sport.

    I used to think talking trash was something being taught as unsportsmanlike, but seems the 'better' the player today, the more he does it. Because you're better at something gives you the right to talk shit to someone? Did I miss a memo?

    It's no wonder the kid next door has no respect for anyone, his fav sport is Football and his fav player is TO, but not because of his skills as a player but because he's always talking about himself.  

    Posted by vin

  15. "what every happened to teaching our kids sportsmanship? "

    I  teach my kid sportsmanship. I am all about personal accountability though, I am a Libertarian.

    I think that there has always been smack, it just wasn't publicized. The popularization of "smack" could point to roots of early hip hop/rap battles. They are kinda "yo mama" contests, and I always found them very funny, but they don't promote being nice.

    Neither common sense, common decency, nor common courtesy are common anymore. Sad but true.

    Re the TO lover next door, not to be a jerk more than normal ;-) but where are his parents? 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  16. I think the smack talking comes from the same thing that makes it so difficult to relate to these athletes. Every professional athlete was one of the best players on his college team. And probably the best his high school has ever had. And certainly the best on any team before high school. Think about that. That means that the lowest ranked receiver on our team (Jason Willis? Marquee Davis?) has been told for his entire life that he was the best. Eventually that gets to a persons head.

    Smack talking, to me, doesn't necessarily take away from sportsmanship. I know I'll get slammed for this, so let me explain. If I lay a huge hit on someone, talking some smack after could be considered unsportsmanlike. But if I were to joke around and say "Yeah, that's right, stay down!", then grin and offer him a hand, that's different.

    Like anything else, smack talking is all relative to who does it, and how it's done.

    As for the parenting thing, I disagree with what many of you have said here. Athletes are NOT role models, unless parents allow them to be. I know that my parents would have killed me for taking after the athletes I watched on TV. They guided me towards better role models, like themselves, my teachers, my coaches, etc. 

    Posted by PaulieP

  17. There is a huge difference between good smack and bad smack. When Djack said they're beatable, I smacked my forhead and yanked my hair knowing its crap like that, that can and will be a game breaker.

    I think the root of smack talk stems from further back than rap or hip hop. I remember the man that clearly started it all, if not started, then certainly defined it. That man would be Muhamad Ali, or maybe even back when he was Casius Clay. I used to hate it when I heard Ali smackin, but I later came to realize that he would literally beat his opponent mentally before he ever landed a hit on them.
    When you back it up. its effective, but smackin alone isn't gettin it....Djack. Put up or shut up. in Djack's case, he needs to just let his play smack for him.

  18. "Muhamad Ali " good point Max.  

    Posted by Josh from SC