Tuesday, June 07, 2005

St. Loser Lamb Fans are Generally STOOPID

I know the concept behind the title to this one is generally proven and accepted, but once and a while you find something about Lamb fans that is, "OMG, I can't believe how stupid they are."

Stupid Lamb Fan Product

More to come...


  1. And thankfully, even though I know you checked Blue, there is nothing like this in the Seattle section. All the Seahawk collectables are tasteful. Also, there is a Seahawks Street Sign  here, I guess you'd have to provide your own 12...


    Posted by Josh from SC

  2. I think I'll ask for one for Christmas. And then, like Dick Vermeil, I will cry when they misspronounce my last name. What a Christmas dissapointment. I should have asked for a SeaGal instead. I don't care how they pronounce my name.

    As long as they're screaming it.

  3. I happened to get one of those, and its so realistic. Here's a few clips:

    And Hick McGee drops back to pass and ouch, he's sacked. Thats the thing with Martz's offense, the quarterback takes a beating...

    Hicks McGee back to throw again, and he lets go of a duck thats PICKED OFF! His second interception of the day! Wow, shouldn't they run the ball or something. He's now 3 for 25 passing...

    Martz will gamble, down by two scores. Its third and inches, and the Rams come out in...SHOTGUN FORMATION?!?!? Martz is insane. The snap, Hicks McGee fumbles it, and falls on it, and he's touched down. Guess he didn't want to take the beating of another head on sack...

    The Rams need a score now, and whats this? Kyle Turley has come out onto the field and is attacking Hicks McGee with a helmet. Oh wow, Turley hasn't looked this angry since Martz took away the amphetemines vending machine in the rams locker room. Its a vicious beating. Even worse than the 29 shots Hicks McGee took from the defense.

    Kind of eerie how realistic they are isn't it?


    Posted by Alan

  4. "Turley hasn't looked this angry since Martz took away the amphetemines vending machine in the rams locker room. "

    LOL, pretty funny Alan. 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  5. Agreed! Classic lambs crack!

    I think I smell the afterbirth of a new contributor...


    Posted by Bluefoot

  6. Eww.  

    Posted by PaulieP

  7. ewww jr. 

    Posted by ADP

  8. Yeah, uhhh, that is nasty. Ewww III 

    Posted by Josh from SC