Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Seneca Making His Case

Please click the external link to read the entire story, it is terrific!

Once again Seneca is making his case to be the #2 QB behind Matt Hasselbeck. His throws are terrific, his speed and agility makes him dangerous and his understanding of Mike Holmgrens offense, has come a long way.

Although they are still talking about adding a vet, it is appearing more and more likely that we will head into this season with Seneca Wallace #2 on the depth chart.

Here's a quote from the article I linked which I absolutely geeked over, "These days, Wallace is sending the message to Seahawks coaches that he wants to be, and can be, Matt Hasselbeck's backup. As recently as last week, he drew praise from Holmgren for his efforts in the current minicamp. Yesterday, Wallace took all of the snaps with the No. 1 offense in the absence of Hasselbeck, who was tending to a personal matter.

If nothing else, Wallace has Holmgren in his corner. The coach proclaimed himself "a fan of Seneca's" after a practice last week.

"It builds your confidence, knowing that at least somebody out there is respecting what you do," Wallace said. "It helps you when you go out there and play, especially when it's the head coach."

Also reported in the article was that Pork Chop Floyd was back in camp after dealing with his family issues.


  1. Yep, I am done caring about the FA market this offseason, especially for quarterback. It is a little disconcerting that there were excessive drops yesterday, I wonder how much of that is QB delivery as compared to Matt?  

    Posted by Josh from SC

  2. Yeah, at 5'11" they should be more worried about the receivers not seeing where the ball is coming from than somebody as nimble as Seneca finding a way to get it over the line. 

    Posted by check

  3. Yesterday was a bad day reciever wise. Sando stated that it wasn't all Seneca's fault. All the recievers were dropping them.

  4. Is it time to talk about getting a new recievers coach? I personally think that after all the dropsies we've had the last couple years, Nolan should've been replaced a while ago, he's obviously not getting through to his recievers somehow. Whether or not this is his fault or the fault of the players themselves is not at issue, what is at issue is that what we are doing currently isn't working and it's impossible to fire all of our recievers. We can, however, get rid of Cromwell, and replace him with someone who can get through to these guys.
    There, I've said it, Cromwell needs to go!

  5. I'm not sure that the coach can be held accountable for the recievers dropping passes. Its not like there is a magic pill he can give them. I think the dropsies should be layed squarely on the recievers shoulders. its lack of concentration plain and simple.

  6. Max, that being said perhaps it's about preparation and therefore is on the coach to some extent....perhaps meditation and other forms of concentration building techniques should be used. And not to mention making them (the WRs) come to all minicamps and passing camps. Make theirs mandatory camps...all of them. Or else what you're also saying is that Mike's only responsible for the plays that are called and not the execution and the same for Ray. And as we all know that won't fly.....the Coaches are basically responsible for the training and preparedness of the players and that being the case Cromwell 'is' responsible to a large degree for dropped balls. No solely but partially anyway.


    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  7. On this one, I will toot my own horn. I have been calling for Cromwell's head for 2-3 seasons now. In fact, I was really hoping that Rice would retire and Holmgren would talk to him about being a receivers coach.  

    Posted by PaulieP

  8. Vinny? Is that really you man? LOL!
    I can't believe those words about a coaches responsibility really came from you! J/K
    Seriously though, you make an excellent point.
    I realize that it's the players responsibility to catch the damn ball, I have never said otherwise, but if there is a serious consistent problem with so many of the recievers, whether it's the fault of the coach or not, perhaps it's time to try something different. That is all I am saying. I am not saying that it's Cromwells fault that the recievers don't recieve necessarily, but I am saying that perhaps, in order to remedy the situation, a radical change is needed. Since we cannot fire all the recievers, well, I guess that leaves the coach. This may seem unfair, but it is the reality of pro sports, and every coach knows it going into it.
    For some reason or another Cromwell is not reaching the players, it could be that all of the recievers just happen to have the same problem, but that seems a bit odd ot me. It could be that something about Cromwell or his coaching method is causing a disconnect with the recievers. Maybe it has nothing whatever to do with the coach, and is all on the players, who knows, but in any case, if this problem persists, something needs to be done. I suggest a coaching change.

  9. From Seahawks.com today:

    Quarterback Seneca Wallace worked with the #1 unit on offense again as Matt Hasselbeck was absent for a second straight day. But Holmgren says he has not seen the pulse of practice tail off.

    “I’ve been in places where if the first string quarterback wasn’t there, practice would go down the dumper," said Holmgren. "That has not been the case here. Seneca has just taken over the team and we’ve practiced with him.” Hasselbeck is expected back on Wednesday.

    A couple of examples of Wallace’s development were showcased during team drills. Wallace found WR Taco Wallace in a seam down the right hash mark and hit him with a 30-yard pass. Then he floated a pass over TE Itula Mili’s right shoulder for a 25-yard gain

  10. A picture being worth a thousand words...

    Heir Apparent  

    Posted by alba