Thursday, June 02, 2005

Doomsday Scenario?


Two ex-Seahawks helped the Philadelphia Eagles come back from a 4th quarter deficit, giving the Eagles a 27-24 win against the Seahawks.

CB Bobby Taylor - who spent all of his career in Philadelphia before disappearing in Seattle for one injury filled season - picked off a Matt Hasselbeck pass that bounced off of Jerome Pathon's hands, ending a late Seahawks drive that could have iced the game. The Seahawks were forced to throw on 4th down and short after two straight runs for no gain by RB Shaun Alexander. Alexander also missed a key block on the 4th down pass attempt that cause Hasselbeck to hurry up his pass to Pathon.

Trailing 24-20, QB Donovan McNabb started the winning drive on the Seahawks 32-yard line, and he promptly completed five straight passes to ex-Seahawk Koren Robinson, who had 200 yards receiving for the game while filling in for the ailing Terrell Owens (who was still suffering from the head he has lodged up his rectum). The Seahawks anemic pass rush allowed McNabb all kinds of time in the pocket during the last drive. His fifth completion to Robinson was for the winning touchdown with :04 remaining. "The only time I caught anything more was all the flak I caught in Seattle," said Robinson. "But I am a playa, and I got hella skillz. It's great to be going to the big dance after being stuck in Egypt. You can be drunk here in P-Town all the time and blend right in."

Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren said after the loss, "I still think we can get this thing done. We have some young guys, and we had some injuries. We just need to get over the hump." When reminded that Holmgren has said the exact same thing at the conclusion of the previous six seasons, Holmgren said, "well, it is a BIG hump."

Taylor and Robinson signed with the Eagles after both were cut in June 2005 by the Seahawks.

The Eagles will play the upstart Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl in two weeks. Browns QB Trent Dilfer (288 yds, 2 TD's, 0 INT's) and All Pro LB Peter Boulware (11 tackles, 2 sacks, fumble recovery for a TD) guided the Dog Pound boys to a stunning shutout of the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. LB Anthony Simmons and RT Chris Terry - who signed with the Browns late in training camp - also contributed big performances.


  1. Geez, Greg, I wish you had pissed on my wheaties before I tried to pass one through my nose earlier this morning!!!

  2. You can tell I have been a lifelong Seahawks fan, eh?

    Pessimism 101.

    All tongue in cheek, of course. We'll get Boulware, KRob will never do anything and we'll beat the darn Iggles.

  3. The problem is, you're such a good writer and the story was so realistic, I got the same empty feeling in my stomache as when McKenzie picked off Matt or when Engram dropped that last pass in the end zone against the Rams!

  4. Awshucks, I feel guilty now for writing it!

    It was Al Harris though, not McKenzie. It's hard to differentiate because they both look like "Predator".

  5. you know, that's why I usually refer to him as "that dreadlocked mutant" cuz I can never remember if it was harris or mckenzie!

    I have the same mental block about if it was Engram or DJax at the end of the playoff game with the Rams.

    I can't wait to view this thread from home since my office firewall seems to be blocking the image you selected for this post.

  6. Blasphemer!!

    We need a exorcism, stat. Or an OTA report, something. Greg, you must go here  read the story, watch the video. And get down off that ledge. Its going to be ok, everything is going to be... ok. 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  7. some good writing there. just enough little details that make it kinda believable to anyone who ever paid attention. still, if we could get to the championship game, i could probably forgive the standard collapse.

  8. as much as looking at the unlikely worst case scenerio can help someone cope with disappointment if some of it comes true...

    knowing our luck...that will probably happen

    but Cleveland in the Super Bowl...hahahahahahahaha

  9. Like Brett said, I could live with a loss in the NFC Championship Game. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi