Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Engram named the starting split end

From the Seattle P-I today (click the external link) comes this quote from coach Mike Holmgren, "Right now, Bobby is our starting split end," coach Mike Holmgren said after the team's minicamp practice.

As in, it is Engram's job to lose?

"I would think so," Holmgren said.

"It's funny, Engram is kind of the forgotten man," Holmgren said of the tortoise-and-hare situation. "He's a good football player and we need him."

"I'm just going to keep working," Engram said when told of Holmgren's declaration. "It's early in the year, but that's good to know -- that you've got a chance to battle and get a starting position. I think that's what everyone in this league works to get."

My take on this is threefold, first, I have no problem with Engram starting, none at all, I have always and will always think that he is a very underrated reciever in this league.

Secondly, why so soon does he announce this? Why not even wait for training camp? I think it's partly because he is flexing his muscles just a little after the Ruskell dominated offseason. Ruskell brought in Pathon and Jurevicius to compete for a starting job, but Holmgren has already apparently decided to go with Bobby. Could this be a little bit of a cat and mouse game with Ruskell? Perhaps Holmgren's way of saying that Ruskell may be calling the shots personnel wise but he is still the guy who makes the decisions on the field? Just a thought.

Lastly, this may explain a great deal of why the decision was made so soon. KFFL.COM 6/14/05)
Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren criticized WR Jerome Pathon's conditioning after practice Tuesday, June 14. Pathon seemed to look good in the previous camp, but apparently he may need a wakeup call from the coach.


  1. read this late last night...i think its good on many levels and bad...but as Seahawk fans im sure i dont have to explain my reasoning to you guys

    the possibility of having an unpredictable offense is something im all for...Engram could be a pretty good split end, and can cut across the middle real well...he could screw with some people in 4 receiver sets...

  2. Yeah, I think this is lighting a fire under Pathon, although I don't mind Bob @ wide out either. And I still think that there won't be much of a "starter" other than Jackson, different guys will come in in different packages depending on field position, and down and distance. Just cuz you see Bobby on the field, don't mean he's in the slot.

    And agree with Alpha, unpredictable O is fricking awesome. Maybe they can re-add the complexity back with another year under Matt's belt. 

    Posted by Josh from SC

  3. 1. jackson
    2. engram
    3. jurevicious
    4. urban

    so let me just say that i think this is what it will turn out to be, and that i think it will be our most productive group ever. it makes sense to have engram start, and i think he can do even more damage by being on the field more. he's always had a knack for getting open, and making the clutch catch.

    this allows jerivicious (or however you spell it) to do more of the slot stuff, using his size in the middle of the field. he's almost a tight end! and i really believe that urban will become a bigger part of the mix this year.

    i do suspect that holmgren is using this to motivate players as well. he's not anointing him the opening day starter, he's just pointing out who's working with the number one offense right now. and engram has earned his shot.

  4. exactly...

    AND a partial benefit for an unpredictable offense...when we practice our 'unpredictability' against our own should prepare them a little better so they dont look like deer caught in a headlights (the Rams game with Bulger's bootleg) 

    Posted by ADP

  5. did you have to bring that up? now i have a sinking feeling in my stomach, and it isn't the subway.

    i just have to say that i'm very optimistic about our group, if only because robinson is gone! (that makes my tummy feel better!)

  6. I was just looking at the picture I selected and I was thinking that, while I am a bit old school and don't really like excessive celebrations, there have been a lot of very clever things done that really hurt nothing which I don't understand falls under the excessive celebration category; the sprinkler for instance, what was wrong with that? I thought it was funny and kinda cool. On some levels, I think the NFL needs to lighten up a bit. I mean, I get the reason for the rule, I really do and am 100% behind why they did it, but some of the things that fall under that category, just don't belong there IMHO.

  7. Dont forget too that Bobby Engram was one of K-Rob's closest friends on the team, so the Coach may be naming him the #1 guy as sort of an olive branch for cutting "his boy". 

    Posted by alba

  8. Dude, I'm not so sure about the Sprinkler. WTF is that even supposed to be? Is it like a reference to that old E-40 song "Sprinkle Me"? You know...
    Big timer, timer...
    Forty wat(t)er...
    sprinkle me, man
    Or maybe you don't know, in which case you are just too sheltered.
    Anyway, all BS aside, the Sprinkler isn't exactly the pinnacle of the art of the TD celebration. Then again, what really was? The Ickey Shuffle? I think not. The Dirty Bird? Oh HELL no. That, um, cheesy little salute thingy the Broncos did a few years back? Excuse me while I puke. You all know the cliche, and many of you probably know who first said it, but I'm with the guy who said that when you get to the end zone you should act like you've been there before. Either that or come up with something that isn't as cutesy as the Sprinkler, IMHO.

  9. The endzone celebrations were really started by Billy White Shoes Johnson, I believe.

    The Washigton Redskins "fun bunch" was kind of cool, but other than that it's just a bunch of showboating.

    Hated the "Icky Shuffle" and always wondered why that coke head Wilson couldn't have gotten bounced BEFORE bouncing the Seahawks out of the playoffs way back when, instead of on SB Sunday.

    The thing I hate most though is the stupid "Gladiator" thing that Ray Lewis does. Frankly, I just hate Ray Lewis.

    The Sprinkler is kind of cool since we used to do that as a dance in my drunken college fraternity days. That and the lawnmower. No wonder I spent many nights in college sleeping alone! 

    Posted by alba

  10. Has anyone else found it ironic that reports of dropped passes being down in camp just happen to coincide with the absence of D-Jack and K-Drop? 

    Posted by SF Hawk

  11. well DJack's drops weren't as bad...but when he did drop resulted into interceptions a few times (i remember 1 from Derrick Brooks, and i know there was AT LEAST one more...perhaps with the Rams in game one)

    heres hoping he doesnt somewhat uppercut each pass...they never really dropped, they just bounced up in the air for people to grab

  12. its kind of like hot potato

  13. The big woman embrace has to be the best ever,SA only did it one time but that clinches it.And Brett we all saw this last year Engram does not always make the clutch catch,I would much rather see Urban or JJ at split end.Engram should be our number four at best.
    Engram will have to show me a lot this year to call him a cluch reciever,no drops at all.  

    Posted by SHONUFF

  14. Sho, I think you're nuts, Engram is clutch. As pointed out by several he had maybe three drops all season. And that's modest estimate. Bobby has obviously earned the right(last seasonand in camp) to have first shot at the #2 spot. Where are you coming from with your' opinion? What plays are you talking about? What Games? I don't undersatand your views on Engram.

    Is it because of his drop in the EZ to end the season? If so get over it. 

    Posted by vinnyhawkalugi

  15. "No drops at all" Wow! Name a single active reciever that's had a zreo drop season. One! Just one dude.

    Can you say "Completely unrealistic."