Tuesday, June 21, 2005

2 Birds Written In Stone

The Hawks announced today that they have signed former Oregon State OL Doug Nienhuis as well as free-agent OL Andy King.

Press release is attached for your reading pleasure.

The temptation is to discount the signings of late-round picks but we all know those guys occasionally make it big.

I have also attachced a file containing a positional look at every draft choice in Seahawks history. These lists have appeared in the paper before the draft and I've updated them to reflect the 2005 picks.

ALSO: Please look in the comments section (comment #5) for by-round signing-bonus breakdowns for 2004 draft choices.

-Mike Sando...and those curious of money/rookies...read the bottom comment and go check it out through the link in the headline

now my 2 least favorite draft picks for us have signed...i want Tatupu to be next

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