Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Comments From Sharpers Agent (Interesting)

From Bengals.com
"But Agnone said the Bengals came at them "with a generous offer" in the first year of the deal and that Sharper agonized over the decision Monday night and Tuesday. The Bengals offer apparently wasn't $4 million, but it was in the yard, although Agnone wouldn't confirm that.

"It didn't come down to money," Agnone said. "Seattle really went after him. They met him in Cincinnati for the flight out, he had dinner with the team president, and I really think he got a sense of where he was going to play and how they were going to use him. But it was such a tough choice because he likes Marvin so much."

Agnone said Seattle is going to play him inside and that might have been a factor, too, since Sharper played outside for Lewis in Baltimore."

Well, I find this interesting for two reasons.

First, what Sharper's agent said really is confirmation that the Seahawks newly improved front office is doing the right things when it comes to courting players to play here. It's nice to see that the Seahawks made a better pitch than the Bengals, or for that matter, anyone, as in years past, this was not usually the case.

Second, the agent said that Seattle was looking at playing him inside, and that may have factored into his decision to come here.
I'll be very interested to see if this proves to be the case, I think the only way it makes sense to move Sharper inside is if and only if Chad Brown stays here in Seattle. I definitely think that this statement may be a hint that the Hawks aren't going to cut Brown after all, because a starting core of Brown Sharper and Lewis(?), looks much better than Lewis, Sharper and White or whoever we could get in the draft.
If Brown were to be cut, it would make alot more sense to play him outside.

Just a thought, you don't suppose there's a possibility that the agent meant inside, as in, a 3-4 defense do you? How about a Linebacker core of Brown, Sharper, Niko and Lewis? Naaw! It would never happen with Ray as D coor. would it?


  1. I'd be surprised by the 3-4. We have about seven DT's, some of them undersized for a nose tackle.

    I wouldn't be surprised, however, to see Niko moved to the strong outside, and DD or White weakside.

    I don't know. I really would like to hear an answer to this question from the horse's mouth!

  2. Everything hangs on Chad Browns status. I just don't see Sharper playing MLB if Brown isn't here.

    I mean, what looks better, DD Lewis, Sharper and White(?) maybe Bentley (yuck!)(?) or DD Lewis, Niko and Sharper? I think that's a no brainer. I mean Bentley sucks, that's why we got him, White is fast but unproven, Lewis has been hurt his entire career so we know nothing about him really Niko only started two games (which he did very well in) but he played alot last year and did quite well overall.

    Maybe you're right Bluefoot, maybe they would move Niko outside if Brown got cut then it wouldd be Lewis (most likely) Sharper and Niko. I don't know, it all depends liike I said on whether or not Brown gets cut. I still think that what Sharper's agent said hints that he won't be.

  3. stop with the Brwon cutting talk, you're making me nervous!

  4. Maybe his agent is just posturing through the press to get Sharper the MLB job. Just because his agent says it, doesn't mean it's the gospel truth!

  5. The REAL question now becomes, does Sharper take on #55 and "the curse of the Boz"??!!!

    If anyone can break the curse, it's probably him.

  6. That's where I'd put him! Him or Brown. That's the spot for reading the offense and you want experience there. So to me, it's either (?),Sharper,Brown/(?),Brown,Sharper.

  7. One more thing, HOW ABOUT THIS TIMING?

    Sharper signed TODAY, NFL Schedule comes out TOMORROW, you think Fans will be charged up to run out and buy Seasons Tickets now or what??

    Ruskell The Genius meets Ruskell the Entrepreneur!!!

  8. So, anyone going to jump up and grap Sharper as their Adopted Seahawk??!!

  9. Wow alba, I totally missed the whole coincidental (or not so coincidental)timing thing. You're right about that, no doubt people will be more likely to get season tickets now. Ruskell IS a genius!

  10. BTW, even though your new pic has nothing to do with oyur name, it's very cool, who can't laugh at Belushi?

    I sort of hope that you're right about the agent just trying to manuevre the Seahawks into putting him inside. It didn't really seem like that sort of thing though, the comment was in the context of why he chose Seattle over Cincy. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough.

  11. Well, I have always loved John Belushi, for about as long as I've loved the Seahawks, and kind of modeled my college career after his character in Animal House.

    "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son!"

    In my first three semesters at college, I got a 4.0....if you added them together!!!

    Turned it around and made Deans list 1st semester Sr. year. Now I get to sit on my ass and blog all day in a private office, and pull down dinaro-grande for doing it!!!

  12. I'd like to throw this out there.

    If what Sharper's agent said is gospel, I want to point out that I'm the one that challenged the concept that "it's all about the money", sometimes it's not.

    It can't be.

    Now where'd I put those rose colored glasses and my Kool-aid.

  13. Rotoworld says that he is penciled in at Strong Side...

    they always have a source, but I didnt catch it...so conflicting reports, eh?

    As long as Niko gets a fair chance, I dont care where he plays...he isnt a great pass rusher, so it looks like DE is the most obvious pick in the draft

  14. I'm not so sure - A weakside OLB/pass rusher could still fill the need.

    Either way, I have a lot more confidence in our front seven than I did two months ago.

  15. What a great deal! Five years is way to long for a 31 year old (31 in Nov.), but since only 1.5M was signing bonus they'll be able to get out from under the contract essentially any time they want to with little cost.

    Question: Would you rather have Hartwell (and his contract) or Sharper (and his contract)?

  16. Hey, mfan, LTNS!

    Who's a better deal? I posted this in the other thread, but it answers your question, i think:

    Hartwell - 4 yrs, $26 million, $8 million bonus

    Sharper - 5 yrs, $17.5 million, $1.5 million bonus

    I think it's obvious. I know JS has 4 more years on him, but the meager signing bonus is a protection. Remember, Hartwell's contract was GUARANTEED. What a crock in today's NFL. Ruskell is a genius.

  17. Stupid double post.

    Anyways, I am officially adopting our newest Seahawk, Jamie Sharper. The page/blog will be up within the next couple days! :D

  18. Cool, JFK!!! Let me know when you want a template!

  19. The reason we could use him at middle linebacker is that our middle linebacker makes the calls
    and reads blocking schemes,I guess
    they don't think Nico Suave is ready.

    Mark my words guys our first pick is going to be Kevin Burnett from Tennessee,he fits the mold Rhodes likes.I think we will add depth at defensive end in later rounds.
    If Sharper is in the middle it's Burnett.

  20. You know, the one big thing that comes out of this signing that I haven't heard mentioned much, is the fact we are now freed up to take the best player available more than we were before Sharper. Now if the best player on the board is a DE, CB, O line or even WR, all positions we may need help at, or at least more depth at, we are more free to do so.
    I could now see the Hawks taking a WR on the first day, or an O lineman. I really couldn't before the SHarper deal.

  21. I really hope you're wrong about that Shonuff, if we used our first pick on him that would be one of the biggest reaches of the draft, he's really not worth a first round pick, he will easily slide into the second round I think and from everything I am reading and hearing.

  22. Watch unless Johnson somehow falls
    to us we will pick him.We do need a
    linebacker still because Brown is all but gone.I wouldn't mind Burnett it would be nice to trade down a few slots though.

  23. I dont really want Burnett...he is probably 2nd on my LB list that could fall...but there are much better DEs to go after...

    With Burnett being a reach, dont you think an OLB that may just be a tad lesser then him fall to us in Round 2? im sure other LBs out there fit Rhodes' scheme...we need Pass Rushing, scheme or not...if the Seahawks dont upgrade that---we wont be threatening the SB this year

    roth Roth ROTH (or Pollack, Cody, or anyone just as good)

  24. I really wouldn't mind Burnett in the second round, or how about Tuck in the second round? Tuck is very athletic.
    The nice thing is that we have 10 picks this year, most in the first 4 rounds where you really get the talent from, this should be a very big draft for us depth wise and maybe we'll even add three starters like Ruskell said they planned on.

  25. I was thinking about how this really does free up our draft as well, but I still see us going with one of those high motor, hard worker types ala Roth or Pollack. The other thing this does is give us more freedom to trade around, particularly with the number of picks we have.

    Speaking of great timing. Anybody notice the date on these posts? Is it just me, or were most of these made next December? And then, which is the 13th month again? I know, I know, it's clear they somehow reversed the month and day, but it did throw me off for a little bit.

  26. What about Blackstock or Justin Tuck (ND).

    And I also agree with the possibility of an O-lineman in the first.

  27. Barron or Barnes @ Tackle/ Adam Snyder @ Guard/ Ben Wilkerson or Chris Spencer @ Center.