Friday, April 01, 2005

D Jack Of All Trades?

According to FoxSports, Darrell Jackson has asked for a trade, though further details are unknown...this sucks, and I wonder why he wants to be traded, HUGE blow to the offense and very unexpected...always something I guess

From the same article:

"Chad Brown is expected to restructure his contract to open more cap room for the Seahawks. This makes sense due to his nagging injuries the last few years."

Finally, and yes there is more...

"Seahawks Taylor to Retire - from www.KFFL.comFri, 1 April 2005 04:01:12 -0800

CB Bobby Taylor has decided that this will be his last year. The ten year veteran still has 2 years left on his contract, ending at the close of the 2006-2007 season. Said Taylor, "Its hard to walk away from something you love to do. My body is breaking down, and I dont feel as comfortable as I used to. I had a great run, and there is a chance I will stick around for another year if my body holds up. Right now though, im tired. I don't want to bring the team down. I do feel I still have something left in the tank, and hopefully this season I won't have any problems, especially with injuries.""

Busy week for the Seahawks, but I hate the D Jack news.

april fools losers. har har.



  2. ADP, Funny thing is you had ME going, til I saw the fine print.


  3. well Blue, i had this waiting to be published from 11pm - 4am...(i was waiting for it to turn April 1st over in the pacific timezone)...when i posted it...i saw yours and was like damn...

    I didnt believe yours at all, simply because i just got done making my joke, n it was the first thing popping to mind

    sucks that you beat me to it though, i was worried mine wasnt believable with yours up too :P

    anyways, happy april fools

    now buy me an electric guitar or a weightbench