Friday, April 01, 2005


This article in today's Post Intellegencer should be required reading for every NFL Rookie, and a few veterans, like Shaun Alexander, and Randy Moss.

Robbie Tobeck signed with the Seahawks for less money than other teams were offering, and staying in Seattle was always his ultimate plan.

"For me, leaving Seattle really wasn't an option."

"I'm not leaving my kids," Tobeck said. "That's why leaving Seattle was not an option for me -- plus, the fact that this is home for me. I'm not leaving home. Not at this point in my career."

"I told Carl (his agent) a long time ago, 'Anything we do with another team is just leverage, because I'm not leaving,' " Tobeck said. Tobeck broke into a laugh before adding, "I would have liked to have a couple of visits. A good meal or something.

"But in the end, things work out like they're suppose to and I couldn't be more happy to still be a part of the Seahawks."

While you can't fault a guy for trying to maximize his earning potential, like Lucas did with the Panthers, it's refreshing once in awhile to read about a guy who "gets it".

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's a couple of graphics I considered using for this story. Warning: they are "R" rated, so careful opening at the office!

Just Enought To Keep Us Warm!

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  1. Great, I checked out the links, now I have to think about something else before I get up from my desk.

    I really like Tobeck, not just as a football player. He seems like a guy I'd hang with anytime.

    Family first, guys!

  2. And there's three good options for starting a family!! Just start thinking about Hasselbecks completion stats, or Roseanne Barr, and you'll be able to get up from your desk in no time!

  3. The only thing about this is, the situation for Tobeck is completely different than any of the other players you've mentioned. Tobeck has kids in school, and (as far as I know) Moss and Lucas don't even have kids. Shaun is about to have his second, but his kids are very young.

    For players like Lucas, family isn't really a large consideration, because they don't have one. So money does become a priority.

    I guess I'm just saying that while I love Tobeck's view on things, I can't argue with Lucas' decision, I would have made the same one.

  4. Pavillion, I agree with you on the Lucas thing, and actually with players in general.

    They only have a few years to make as much money as possible, cuz if they don't have the smarts and charisma to make it on ESPN, then they're stuck running a burger joing for the rest of their lives after football.

    I called out Shaun and Randy more due to Shaun's unwillingness to sign the -1yr. tender and move on with the Season, and Randy's complete disconnect with reality and the average "working man's" salary.

  5. Strangely enough (because I really respect Tobeck for his family first morality) I have to also agree with Paulie P. The situations are very different. I myself am not raising any kids, and my wife and I have talked often about moving here or moving there to places we like better were we can make more money. If we had kids, we wouldn't even be thinking about it, the situation is very different.

  6. What I appreciate about Tobeck is that he realizes that he has a personal role in his family. He's not just a fat paycheck or a figurehead. He sees the need to be with his family. A real Father is also a companion and a teacher to his children, IMO. That's difficult/impossible to do long distance. It's refreshing to hear in today's society.

    I have to agree about Lucas, too. That's an entirely different situation.

  7. The other thing mentioned was "Home". When you've lived somewhere for as long as Tobek has, it's hard to leave you're freinds, and colleagues(other players), a house that you've made a home. That's how I am, I'm very family oriented, so I like to stay close, I could make more money elsewhere but I prefere to make a little less and stay where my freinds and family are. I've had my house now for 10 yrs, and it would be tough to move.

    Just out of curiosity Monkey, why haven't you moved? (just curious, not trying to bait you)