Monday, April 11, 2005

A New Beginning...

On the first day, god (Mike Reinfeldt) signed Walter Jones. And it was good.

On the second day, god signed Matt Hasselbeck, and there was light.

On the third day, god franchised Shaun Alexander, which like nature, could be good, or could be bad, depending upon the time of day and part of the country in which you're standing.

On the fourth day god realized there was a greater beings than he (Paul Allen) who gave to the Seahawks his prodigal son (Tim Ruskell)

The Prophet Ruskell walked among the mortals of NFL free agency, casting away the bold (Simmons), the brash (Terry), the overpriced (D. Robinson), and anointing the meek, the hungry, the pure of spirit as the chosen ones.

He has brought new disciples into the fold: DT Chartric Darby, DE Joe Tafoya, CB Kelly Herndon, WR Joe Jurevicius, as well as confirmed the most righteous of his flock: TE Itula Mili, G/T Pork Chop Womack, C Robbie Tobeck and WR Alex Bannister.

The Prophet Ruskell is amassing these disciples to go forth and spread the good news about Seahawks potential and their quest to arrive in that land of milk and honey, Detroit, Michigan, come Superbowl Sunday!!!


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  2. Very cool,but why is there a picture of a pirate?