Monday, April 11, 2005

Poll: Is Shaun gone on draft day?

I've been wondering...

12 Seahawks Street Poll
What will happen to Shaun Alexander on draft day?
We will trade him for picks.
He will survive the weekend as a Seahawk.


  1. Wow, something weird happened when you posted this Bluefoot, the site literally disapeered. MSN could not find 12SS or Fargomonkey or whatever, dude that was strange.

    Anyway, I just don't see it happening, unless there is some other player that goes after a RB in the draft leaving another team still needing one.
    It was reported on KFFL that the Titans are officially interested in possibly going after a RB in the draft, that might make someone flinch and pay our price for Alexander but even then I just don't see it as very likely.

    I'll say this though, if we do trade him, we will be needing to address our RB situation in the draft, and there is a guyfrom Minnesota, Marion Barber, who will be the biggest steal in the draft.
    I guarantee that if he's still around in the third, and we don't take him, we will regret it someday. He is projected to go either 2nd or 3rd round (late 2 or early 3 most likely) and he will be an absolute steal.
    My point is that while I love Alex abd would hate to see him go, he can be replaced, not as well perhaps, but I think that Barber would excell here in Seattle.

  2. I say he makes it through the weekend, cuz if we were gonna trade him for picks, it'd be done already.

    Now, if one of these teams that despirately needs a RB misses "their guy" when it's their turn, maybe there's some hope for a trade.

  3. for Picks? no...

    we barely have money right now for picks...we already have 10...if we wanted to trade up, we would use our picks and keep the RB...

    why create another hole by trading for picks while you can just trade your extras to move up

    I would be shocked if SA doesnt play for us this year

    I do agree about Barber being the biggest steal...I really think him and Ciatrick Fason are underrated

  4. I think we will trade him on draft day we won't get a first round pick or nothing but we will get a second.

    JJ Arington