Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Alba Won't Get NAKED!!!

While I'll apologize for the unwanted mental image...this is actually BAD news! Click on Title above for Full Story.

(I couldn't help but think about my female alter ego when I saw this headline!)


  1. Dude, it kinda sucks that you picked someone who "is not a team player" but still LOL, it's pretty damn funny too. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, maybe you don't ahve to feed him, and you can just pick someone else who is more the type of player you would be proud of. Don't tell Bluefoot I suggested that. But hey, it's your work and effort going largely unnoticed on this guy, at least you should be doing a player who you actually like right?

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  3. LOL...I guess I deserved that!

  4. Well maybe not naked but she's still lookin' good in the bikini!