Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tu BBs or not Tu BBs? That is the Question!

Actually, after viewing this video interview on Seahawks.com, this is the real question you may find yourself asking, "is that a refrigerator with a head??!!"

Marcus Tubbs is the latest Seahawk to be interviewed by Mike Brown, and he makes the ill-advised choice for someone of his girth to wear a solid white shirt! Other than that though, he sounds psyched to put the injuries and personal distractions of last year behind him, and get in shape to make a real difference on the team this season.

"I want to come into this season in great shape," says Tubbs. "Last year in training camp I hurt my hamstrings, and that hindered me from being in the best shape I could be in. This season I'm starting early, and my condition is going to be a key to helping me do big things this year."

Mike Brown also makes the interesting observation that if Tubbs can really stay healthy and play up to his true potential, it will be like the Seahawks got another first round choice in this year's draft.

In keeping with the theme of the famous quote, it remains to be seen if Tubbs proves himself to be a Great Dane like Hamlet, or if he has another season like Humpty Dumpty and winds up being an Omelet!

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  1. Alba, how much thought do you put into your headlines? I love them!

  2. Yes, very nice title :)

    I liked the Tubbs pick last year, and if he can turn it around this year, it's going to be a humungous (like him) help.

  3. Believe it or not, they come to me pretty easily...I'm a human pun machine!

  4. My dream job would be to write the headlines for the back page of the NY Post.

  5. "Believe it or not, they come to me pretty easily...I'm a human pun machine!"

    Not sure why exactly but I laughed pretty hard at this quote, guess the more I find out about you, the better I get to know you, the more "human Pun Machine" sounds like a terrific nick-name for you.