Friday, April 08, 2005

Can't Keep Quiet About SHH-arper!

From the News Tribune:

Free-agent linebacker Jamie Sharper dined with Seattle Seahawks officials Thursday night as the team considered upgrading its defense. Sharper and his agent, Tony Agnone, met with Seahawks president Tim Ruskell, among others. The sides planned to continue their conversations this morning.

Sharper, 30, hit the market when Houston released him a week ago. He visited the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this week and was considering at least one more trip to a team Agnone has not yet disclosed.

Updated Info: Nothing major, but this piece on the Bengals site says negotiations are continuing, although it's eerily like the Hartwell saga.

Updated Info: From our "insider" on the Seattle Times site...Looks like there was a deal in place today when something came up. Now the Seahawks are reevaluating things and might opt for a shorter contract, which could make another team's offer, given his age, more appealing.

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  1. OMG! It worked! Well, since I'm here and actually commenting I may as well try to say something intelligable. Nah, forget it. Instead I'll just say the obvious "gee I sure hope we sign him" followed by the silly Seahwks RULE!!!