Friday, April 08, 2005

Hanging Chad?

From an article on the Bengals' web site about Sharper:

It will be interesting to see if Sharper signs before the draft. Seattle may have more need and more money than the Bengals (word is they would cut 35-year-old Chad Brown, another Lewis product to make room for him). He’s also apparently still in the mix in Jacksonville and Baltimore.

Sounds like Cincy is still in the mix, and that one of our favorite Seahawks my be a battlefield casualty in this signing.


  1. I'm really pulling for a restructuring, not a cut. In my mind, he should retire as a Hawk.

  2. due to the need for expediency, they may have to cut him and then sign him back at a lower deal.

    That would suck though cuz someone could swoop in and steal him before we renegotiated with him.

    I agree that he should retire as a Seahawk, and that he's a great locker room guy.

    However, if we want to be like the Pats, then you can't get too attached. Remember, Troy Brown is still looking for work.

  3. Good point. By the by, great research, even going to the Bengals website. Nicely done!

  4. HEY! I go to the Bengals site to find info too! and the Falcons, and the Browns and never got any credit! :P

    Well, meet with him, tell him hes cut, and go traight to negotiating, all at the same meeting...

    I dont think he should be cut, unless resigned...

    the bottom line is this...DD Lewis is pooping himself right now with all these rumors...I honestly think between him and Niko, Lewis will be the one losing a starting job...I feel Sharper would repace him and Niko would man the middle

    then again I could be wrong...poor DD

  5. ironic...I just checked the Trib's article and it says that the reason we didnt go hard after Hartwell is because the FO felt Niko did great as a rookie, so they weren't going upgrade unless it was a bargain...this almost confirms that Sharper, who doesnt mind switching back, would play OLB...since they seem to want Niko starting the VERY confident in Niko, so this is awesome news

    Monkey would be happy...Niko looks safe! I would love to have Brown/Sharper/Niko in the middle

    I always thought that our 3 best picks were Niko, Boulware, and Locklear...Tubbs was a reach, but he showed some promise

  6. I don't deserve the credit for the research, wasn't it Monkey how posted the info on the Bengals yesterday? I just went to their site to see if there was any updated info.

    I love Chad and would hate to see him go, but let's be honest, we played most of last year without him, so it's not like it would be a major loss.

    I understand he's been a great lockerroom guy, but there comes a time when you just gotta rely on the younger guys to pull it together.

    I hope they find a why to get Sharper and keep Chad, but if it's a toss up, I'll take the younger healthier guy. Sorry Chad!

  7. One more thing.

    If the FO does find a way to get Sharper and keep Brown, would that mean he'd go from being a "hanging chad" to a "dimpled chad"? :-)