Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Division Opponents' Schedules

The Lambs 8-8
(Or is that ate and ate?)
Wins: San Fran-2, Tennessee, Giants, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Arizona
Losses: Arizona, Seattle-2, Indy, Jacksonville, Washington, Minnesota, Philly

The Chickens 9-7
Wins: San Fran-2, Tennessee, Giants, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington,
Jacksonville, Detroit
Losses: Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, Philly, Indy, Dallas, Carolina

The 49ers 4-12
Wins: Giants, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Chicago
Losses: Seattle-2, Arizona-2, St. Louis, Tennessee, Philly,
Indy, Dallas, Jacksonville, Houston, Washington


  1. So you have us splitting with the Cards and them finishing ahead of the Lams eh? I don't know about that, I think that the Cards are improved over last season but not enough to beat us, I also think that you are going with your heart on us sweeping the Lambs. WHile I would love to agree with that, I think that realistically we will split with the Lambs home and away.

  2. Oh and I love the pictures.

  3. Here's how I see it, Hawks 10-6 maybe 9-7 Rams 8-8 Cards 7-9. Niners 4-12. But hey, that's just one silly monkey's opinion.

  4. You're probably right, a lot can happen between now and then, and it's all about momentum and injuries once the season starts.

    I just was

    A) bored
    B) wanted to post some funny pictures
    C) wanted to facilitate some discussion!!!

  5. im not going into detail about the schedules, but I think the Rams will finish behind the Cardinals...

    one thing though...the Cardinals are starting to get dangerous...but they are getting overrated...

    St Louis has one WR now, with Bruce older then dirt...unless they run more, they wont get more then 7 wins...what a defense they have!!! and their! (i would like to say, now that Green Bay lost their guys, we now have the best oline in the NFL)

    I think the Cardinals choke in the end and finish 8-8...

    I think we could win any game on the schedule, with exception to the Colts...thats the only game im going in thinking 'uh oh'...the rest ill be optimistic about

  6. One more thing, I'm not so sure the Lambs will beat the Texans, they are another up and coming team that will be competitive all season and will upset several teams I believe, maybe the Lambs.

  7. HA! The Colts!

    The most overrated offense in the league! They've had the top four easiest schedules the last four seasons. With very weak pass defenses being the primary diet.

    But they choke against a good pass rush. Manning is no good under pressure.

    Colts suck!

  8. we dont necessarily have a good pass rush...