Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Save the Dates!

The 2005 Season is officially scheduled, and once again, we open on the road, but at least are back home in Week 2. Our bye week is Oct. 31, and we've got one MNF game, a couple of national broadcasts, and one ESPN Sunday Nighter (Houston).

Here are some of the key dates:

Silencing the Lambs!
Rams (Home) - Nov. 13
Rams (Away) - Oct. 9

Getting Chike With It!
Arizona (Home) - Sept. 25
Arizona (Away) - Nov. 6

Target Practice
San Francisco (Home) - Dec. 11
San Francisco (Away) - Nov. 20

Testaverdi-less Tuna Trampling
Dallas (Home) - Oct. 23

Sharper Meets Sharpie!
Philadelphia (Away) - Dec. 5 *MNF

Sending Brent back to LA
(as in LA LA Land!)
Green Bay (Away) - Jan. 1 *Nat.

Houston, You Have a Problem
Houston (Home) - Oct. 16 *ESPN

Emasculating the Mannings
NY Giants (Home) - Nov. 27
Colts (Home) - Dec. 24 *Nat.

* Can't Touch This!
Falcons (Home) - Sept. 8

* - Given the recent reports on Vick, this is the one game where you can't blame the Seahawks for not wanting to catch anything!!

Here's the week by week run down
1. @ Jacksonville
2. Atlanta
3. Arizona
4. @ Washington
5. @ St. Louise
6. Houston
7. Dallas
8. BYE
9. @ Arizona
10. St. Louise
11. @ San Fran
12. NY Giants
13. @ Philly on MNF
14. San Fran
15. @ Tennesee
16. Colts
17. @ Green Bay

And which should no longer be a surprise to anyone, the Schedule is already posted on our web site!


  1. Nice, work, Alba! Thanks.

    I never thought I'd giggle at a schedule.

  2. No doubt. That's what I was thinking BLuefoot, the funniest schedule I've ever looked at.
    Nice to see some nationally televised games and a big monday nighter against the Iggles.

  3. I'm guessing that a 4:15pm start time indicates the National game, since the others are 4:05pm. Can't tell if any of the 1:00pm games may be National as well. Was sad to see no Sunday night games and only one MNF. Oh well.

  4. Oh well is for sure, we always get the shaft when it comes to scheduling.
    I really don't like our season opener! I don't like that it's on the road and I like even less that it's against a well coached team with a tremendous defense and an improving team overall. This is a tougher schedule than last couple of years no odubt about it. The Hawks better have their game faces on if they expect to win go anywhere this season, nothing will be given to them.

  5. YOu know, I hate to say it, but with this schedule, I could easily see us going 9-6 again, we'll be playing some stiff competition. WE'd better make out like bandits in the draft if we plan on improving over last years record. Of course the nice thing is that the Rams still suck!

  6. My initial reading of the schedule was off, and I was working off the master list on instead of checking our own page, which has a much nicer week by week layout.

    Anyhow, there are a couple of tough stretches, especially right out of the gate.

    We gotta start strong against Jacksonvill, Atlanta and Arizona and be 3-0 or at least 2-1 heading to road games in Washington and St. Louis.

    Washington is a winnable game, but we blew it against them 2 years ago when it should have been a cake walk, so we gotta keep focused.


    This is the difference maker in our season. Lose on the road there, and we'll be hearing "same old seahawks" for the rest of the season.

    Sharper should get the team geeked to go against the Texans, and then we need to VINdicate ourselves against Dallas.

    Heading into the BYE, we sould be 6-1 or 5-2, but one of our wins MUST be against the Rams.

    Coming out of the week off, on the road, against an improved division rival is going to be tough, seeing as we're Oh-and-Forever coming off a bye. Worst case, we're now 5-3.


    Heading to San Fran 6-3, if we can stay focused brings us home 7-3 to face Eli Manning and the skitzo Giants, so now we're 8-3.


    We gotta give the Eagles a good game on MNF, and even if we lose, this could be a pre-cursor to the NFC Title Game. Now we're 8-4.

    San Fran and Tennessee should be easy Ws at the end of the season, as long as we don't sleepwalk through these gimme games again this year...10-4 with two to go.

    Home field through the playoffs could rest on the Indy and Green Bay games, who should easily be playing for playoff rankings themselves, so these won't be JV games like Atlanta and Philly last year.

    Win them both, we're 12-4, and we're resting the first week of the playoffs.

    Split 'em and we're playing a Wild Card team at home.

    Lose them both and WE'RE the wild card team.

    That's my take..but as Chris Berman says..."THAT'S why they PLAY the GAMES!!!"

  7. Eagles-Seahawks MNF

    my dreams came true...could this be my 'perfect day'? Sonics and Mariners need to win to keep it going...but MAN...

    Philly had a creampuff schedule, though they were impressive in the playoffs...this is a great matchup that im sure alot of us wanted to see

    on a side note, Daniels, Fortson, and Lewis should return tonight for the Sonics...lets see the Nuggest talk smack now

  8. And you guys wonder why I don't reply anymore...between the guys on here I don't need to. I have nothing to add 90% of the time. I'm just glad the Site has thrived. Congrats!

  9. Monkey, I still don't see how you are comparing our defense this season with the frankensein monster we had on the field last year.

    I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised by our team this season. (especially the defense)

  10. It's awful hard to disagree with the idea that the most important games this season are the two Rams games. If we can't beat them big at home I think the confidence level in our players will plummet and we can kiss the season goodbye. I would hope they beat the Lambs twice, but that may be unrealistic to expect as long as they play at home indoors on that racing track they call turf. Still we must at least be competitive with them on the road or well... that confidence thing again.

  11. I posted it awhile ago, but I'll post it again. There's only 3 things you need to do to get into the playoffs:

    1. win your divisional games
    2. beat the teams you're supposed to beat
    3. steal one or two wins from teams you're not supposed to beat

    Problem is, EVERYONE is trying to accomplish these three goals, but the #1 priority is to beat your closest competitor in the division, which is why we HAVE to sweep the Rams.

    We got lucky to lose to them twice and still make the playoffs.

  12. Vinny, I don't recall making that comparison. Perhaps you can point it out to me. Actually I agree with you that our defense might pleasantly surprise many people myself included.

  13. Vinny, I know exactly what your saying man. There are so many times when I feel I should comment, but it's all been said already. That's part of the beauty of this site, we don't seem to get alot of retread comments, since people seem to be rather decisive in their blogging.

    Anyhow, the opening of the season could be a tough stretch, lemme look closer and I'll give an initial hunch to how the season will go.

  14. Here's how I see it: Week 1 is a tough loss to a tough team on the road in Jacksonville. This is followed by consecutive home wins against Atlanta and Arizona that makes us forget about the loss to Jacksonville.

    As quickly as a win streak can start, a losing streak follows with a 'should win' loss to Washington and a 'shoot out' loss to St. Louis, both on the road. At this point Blue, Monkey, and myself will be overly optomistic about the remaining schedule and claim that the 'Hawks will still make the playoffs.

    After five games we have a losing record at 2-3, but this is easily negated by the upcoming schedule. Home wins against Texas (Houston, then Dallas) and were back above .500. Follow that with a close win in a battle down in Arizona and we come home to rematch the Lambs who beat us in week 5.

    We will not lose to the Lambs at home this year, and so week 9 is chalked up a win.

    Sleep walk through a game in SF where we win by around 156 points and then we impale Eli Manning on a Sharper object in week 11. This brings musings of the 'Hawks being a serious player after reeling off 6, count 'em six consecutive victories.

    People believe we will be the team to end Philly's unbeaten season on MNF. Sorry, it doesn't happen. Make it a loss.

    Fortunetly when team lose one week, they get to play San Francisco the next, so chalk up a rebound win on this one, and go ahead and count a win on the road at Tennesee against an aging team.

    There's probably little chance that the 'Hawks will run the table at home, yet again, so I'll call Indianapolis in week 16, in a shoot out. At this point we will have just about clinched the division, and not have much room to maneuver for home field advantage, so we'll probably lose our last game on the frozen tundra at Green Bay.

    Count it up and you get 10-6, a playoff bound team, though entering on a two game losing streak. Which doesn't really matter, since ATL did it last year and went to the NFC championship, and we beat them in week two.

  15. monkey, I based it on your' comment on this thread....."We'd better make out like Bandits in the Draft if we plan on improving over last year's record."

    That implies that you don't have faith in the guys we have.

    Am I reading this wrong. If appologies.

  16. 12 -4 you read it here first folks. Hear me now believe me later ( actually read me now.......ahhh, whatever)

    Good looking schedule, I think it sets up p retty nice for us.