Friday, April 01, 2005

Former Husky to Visit

Former University of Washington Safety Omare Lowe is making a visit to Seahawks camp today according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
Omare was a 5th round draft choice of the New England Patriots 1 2002, since then he has played with the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and spent time on the practice squads of the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings.


  1. There must have been a bad phone connection in Seahawks HQ and they thought they were setting an appointment with Samari Rolle!

    Omare Lowe has played 6 games in 3 years and has a whole 1 tackle to show for it.

    Here's some background info from

  2. Ooops, there was some garbage that got added to that "whole 1 tackle" link.

    Here are his Career Stats from

  3. I just thought I'd post this becuase A: I'm having way too much fun posting pictures now that I know how to do it, B: Because of the U.W. ties, C: Because I'm a dork who just likes to know anything and everything Seahawks even stuff this unimportant.
    Besides, after spending the time finding the picture, I just had to post the article.

  4. From a dork who likes to READ everything Seahawks related, thanks for posting it!

    I too am a little addicted to this blogging thing too.

    I'm having fun watching your MB blog come together.

  5. The Seattle Seahawks have signed unrestricted free agent Omare Lowe, the team announced Friday.

    Read the Full Story on

  6. Career stats: 3 games, 1 tackle, 1 superbowl ring! Not bad.

    He also has a Super Bowl ring, earned for appearing in three regular-season games last November and December with his most recent team, the New England Patriots.