Friday, April 01, 2005

Not Surtain if Hawks are Still in the Hunt?

Alex Marvez and Ethan Skolnick, of the Sun-Sentinel, report the Kansas City Chiefs and CB Patrick Surtain have agreed in principle on a multi-year contract extension, which includes an eight-digit signing bonus. However, the Chiefs now have to work out a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire him. The Chiefs are reportedly offering a fourth-round pick, while the Dolphins are looking for a selection in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. Dolphins head coach Nick Saban said the team will not compromise when it comes to their asking price for him.


  1. To be honest, the only chance I thought we had at getting Surtain was when we were first mentioned in negotiations (mainly because we were the first team OVERALL mentioned to want him)

    if the Seahawks offer a 3rd rounder, I would like the deal...if it was the 2nd rounder, I still wouldn't mind...but from what I heard, Miami wants a 1st rounder...which I would hate

    blackstock Blackstock BLACKSTOCK

  2. No way we give up a first rounder, I could see giving up a third, or perhaps a second, but not a first. Not gonna happen.

  3. Even a second-rounder is a good deal for us, we're not going to get a stud CB like that in the draft (and we're going to have a lot of cap room next year, to resign him if he wants to stay here).

    First rounder though? Bleh, hope KC likes him.

  4. The Fins are asking for a first day pick preferrably a two of course but they are willing to sttle for a three if low enough. The chiefs are only offering a four.