Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From One Extreme to the Other!

This video interview with Mike Holmgren on airs the coach's first reactions to the schedule and the timing of the season.

"We could very well be playing the hottest game of the year, Week 1 in Jacksonville, and the coldest game of the year, January 1st in Green Bay."

Packed in between are 14 other teams that are either already good or getting better.

"It's a good schedule," Mike Holmgren said Wednesday. "We're playing good football teams and all of them are very capable, and we just have to be ready. It's a tough schedule for us."

Funniest part of the interview, unintentionally I'm sure, is when he was talking about the Seahawks' first game at Qwest field, Week 2 against Atlanta, after returning from the Jacksonville road trip:

"We're going from the frying pan, quite literally, into the fire, with Mike Vick you know, you're really going into the fire"

You think he may have be taking about a certain burning and itching sensation that may be troubling Ron Mexico??!!!

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