Thursday, April 14, 2005

I Am Mack Strong's Helmet

Greg Renick -
April 14, 2005

Discovering the original inside slant is the aim of every eager writer. Seahawks.NET's Greg Renick takes you to a new place of perspective - with the inside story of a very esteemed piece of headgear. Discover the "outside of the inside"...

Click the picture of Mack to read the story.


  1. I believe that's an article by who is known in the PI forums as "IrishGreg". He's got a history of very well written articles, all of which make John Levesque look like a circus peanut.

  2. Yea Blue, that's exactly who that is, and I posted it this morning after seeing a thread about it on the PI site.

    I'm secretly trying to entice Irish to start posting HERE, but so far he hasn't taken the bait.

    He's definitely got the combination of Seahawks knowledge, communication skills, and sense of humor that would make him fit in well with the rest of the contributors.

  3. That is one of the finest tributes to one of the finest players the Seahawks have ever had, that I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Great post!

    It's really too bad he hasn't bitten on the secret offers, I have always enjoyed reading IrishGreg's stuff in the P-I, he's a true blue Seahawks fan with tons of knowledge and a knack for writing, he would be a valued asset to anyone.

  4. If I remember right, he's already a member of some other blog-type thing, where he regularly posts his essays.

  5. That's why I'm trying to 'raise the bar' here. This place needs to be a haven for good writers first- as long as there is quality content, people will come.

    You guys are why *I* keep coming back. If nobody jumped ship from the PI blog, I would have pulled a K-Rob on this a long time ago.

    BTW: I checked the PI blog again yesterday. It's still sitting there with 688 posts on that last thread. Tee-hee!

  6. I agree that it was a very well written article, but I also must assume that "IrishGreg" did not study physics very much in high school or college, since his math is pretty poor.

    A 245 lb man moving at 5 mph does not generate 3062.5 joules, he generates 277.6 joules. A joule is one kg*m^2/sec^2, and kinetic energy is 1/2*mass*velocity^2. If you simply plug in mph and lbs, your not calculating joules, your calculating some undefined unit in the English system. Mor appropriately it converts to 204.7 ft*lbs.

    Why the physics lesson? Mainly to show that kinetic energy sucks. 277.6 joules is the equivalent of the amount of energy needed to metabolize 1/10 of an ounce of crystal light.

    What is very difficult to identify when considering the impact that Mack Strong delivers is the force, not the kinetic energy. Force is mass x acceleration, and the acceration comes into play as he crouches and explodes, and is very difficult to determine from film. We'd need some of those bags from Rocky IV that Dolf Lungren was pounding the bejesus out of in front of Bridgett Nielsen.

    In summary, Mack Strong is still a baddass, sorry for wasting your time.

  7. That's hilarious, check!!

    Maybe he was talking about the family joules.

  8. OK, check is officially the smartest guy in the blog.

    We're not worthy! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

  9. Thanks for the comment, Blue. I'm thinking I might look a little more into how hard Mack Strong can really hit and making it into an article.

  10. I am here fellas...I appreciate the feedback.

    I'm sorry that you missed the whole point of the article, check! wasn't about physics accuracy.


  11. It's okay Irish, while I have a technical degree, here's how I read "check's" reply:

    blah, blah, blah Mack Strong, blah, blah, blah Pounding Bridgett Nielsen!!!

    Now THAT'S the true meaning of FOOT POUNDS!!! (well, if you can call 5 and a half inches a foot!)

    And Boomer, it's kind of hard to stand up for yourself as potentially the smartest blogger here with the phrase "speek for yourself!"

  12. Irish Greg,

    I loved the article, I understood the meaning perfectly, I was just pokin' a little fun, that's all.

    I like Alba's interpretation of my post the best.