Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Is The Grass Truly Browner?...

Because Sharper is expected to sign a $17.5 million deal that includes a $1.5 million signing bonus, the club is not tying up a lot of future money in a 30-year-old player.

The deal keeps the door open for a return by linebacker Chad Brown, who will be 35 in July and is scheduled to make $4.2 million this year as part of the five-year, $28.5 million contract he signed in 2002.

That seemed unlikely late last week, because Brown had declined to take a pay cut to $1 million for this season and the club needed to free money under its salary cap to sign Sharper.

But Brown's agent, Peter Shaffer, faxed an attractive counterproposal to the club yesterday.
"I haven't been told by them that it's a done deal I won't be back, and it's not a done deal on my part, either," Brown said from his home near Denver. "We'll see what happens."

Looks like Chad Brown will probably stay afterall...our LB corps, if healthy, went from weak, to solid...since Sharper is not getting too much, its a good chance to see Brown in Blue uniforms next, has momentum shifted...

are the Rams pooping themselves or what?

both the PI and Rotoworld reported that...

UPDATE: The Times reports that Antonio Cochran has a chance of being cut, as he is due $2 firm belief is that we will draft a DE, espcially within the first two rounds...and either start him or put him in the depth chart, give or take Bryce Fisher...thus warranting Cochran being released after the draft (then again...we need a decent 4th DE)


  1. Cochran makes too much money to
    be a 4th defensive end,he hasn't shown a thing to keep him,after all he is only a pass rushing defensive tackle playing end for us.we still have alot of defensive tackles.Brown if he will cut his pay enough then keep him otherwise
    let him go.Rocky Bernard was a guy I wish the Texans would have made a push for.Anyone remember what kind of contract Woodard signed last year?

  2. Sorry Sho but I think Rocky's a vital part of our DT rotation. I'm with ya on Cochran though.

    And well said ADP. Wistrom, Fisher, Bernard and Tafoya. Throw in a Draft pick for depth and we're good to go at DE.

    I'm with ya on the first draft pick being a DE or a LB. Although I'm hoping for a Offensive Tackle in the second round.

  3. I've been verbally abusing Cochran for a while, it's good to see that the FO finally knows it. He's a bum. He signed a large contract (2yrs ago?) and hasn't done squat since. Let him loose, he can't contribute like the players we already have.

    I reckon it's gonna be DD Lewis that gets ousted outta starting, though Niko's a possibility. I suppose we'll here alot of talk from Holmgrem, "Gee, we don't know where he'll (Sharper) work in, we'll try him a little at middle, and we'll try him a little outside and see what works best for us...."

    Any way if Brown's back, our LB's are at very worst average, and could be very solid.

  4. Really, I should update myself on all of the new content if I'm gonna comment.

    Looks like Sharpers in the middle. That I like. I really like a Brown-Sharper-Lewos Trio. Really, really like it.

  5. check, like I said in the shout out, with Niko, D.D., Tracy, and Bentley vying for two or three of the LB spots it's going to be a very interesting camp.

    I also think it will be very productive to have everyone fighting for a spot instead of having all these guys with guarateed spots and the rest fighting for the #2 spots. It can only make us better.

  6. At first I thought this was a piece about my front lawn!!!

    Vinny must be very happy about this story!!!

  7. Bernard isn't bad don't get me wrong,But if he played like he does in september he would be a pro bowler.He just needs to play to his ability.

  8. I think a lot of his problem is conditioning(he wears down through the season), that's why I'm glad they have about a 90% turnout for early workouts.

  9. Here's an update from a source I trust implicitly:

    The counterproposal Brown's agent sent to the team did not get it done. Brown needs to agree to more of a cut or he is gone.