Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Linebacker or Defensive End? Let the debate begin!

With pick #23 you can be sure that many of the players we would all just love to see in a Seahawks uniform simply will not be there for us, they will be long gone. Players like Shawne Merriman DE Maryland (projected at OLB), Marcus Spears DE L.S.U., Derrick Johnson OLB, Texas Thomas Davis OLB Georgia, even possibly David Pollack DE Georgia (who has moved up on most boards lately), or Erasmus James DE Wisconsin, will already have been taken by the time we pick.
So here's the thing, our Seahawks two biggest needs are LBer (unless we find a way to add Sharper) and DE.
This particular upcoming draft is one of the deeper drafts (at least in my memory) at DE but is not especially deep at all at LBer. Yet it could be argued that we need LBer more than DE at least right now.
So, I thought that I would provide a list of players who might actually still be around when we pick at #23.
Keep in mind that this is no science, players can certainly slip much further than projected or be taken much earlier than projected (that's half the fun of draft day), so this is just to provide a little info and inspire debate.

Darryl Blackstock OLB Virginia : projected Rd.#1-2 Ht.6'2" Wt.247
Has an excellent ability to get to the QB is a great pass rusher. Has excellent size.
Is a liability against the run,is not a natural in pass coverage, also plays in a 3-4 defense and would be best in 3-4 at the pro level.

Kevin Burnett OLB Tennesee : projected Rd.#1-2 Ht.6'2" Wt.239
Extremely athletic, explosive tackler, great in pursiut because of good speed and sideline to sideline skills.
May not be completely recovered from a major knee injury, needs to put on more weight, does not always play up to ability.

Ernest Shazor OLB Michigan : porjected Rd.#2 Ht.6'3" Wt.228
Loves to hit, is good against the run, is a playmaker, still has alot of upside.
Is a bit of a tweener Safety/LBer, needs to bulk up, is raw, needs to work on technique, may make a better Safety than LBer.

Michael Boley OLB Southern Mississippi : projected Rd.#2-3 Ht.6'2" Wt.236
A playmaker who is very aggressive against the run,
Must hit the weights and get stronger, struggles against blocks at times.

Rian Wallace OLB Temple : projected Rd.#2-3 Ht.6'2" Wt.241
Has excellent size and a fiery demeanor on the field.
Struggles in coverage, has had off field problems, was suspended for puching a teammate. (I seriously doubt that Ruskell would allow this guy to be taken because of his attitude).

Channing Crowder MLB Florida : projected Rd.#2-3 Ht6'0" Wt.252
Productive, tough, physical, has excellent size, good speed, has good upside.
Is still somewhat raw, has had injury issues, as well as off the field problems.

Dan Cody DE Oklahoma : Projected Rd.#1 Ht.6"5" Wt.254
Has a large frame so can carry more weight, is a very good pass rusher and good run stopper as well. Plays smart and instinctive gives 100% effort.
Quit the team in 2001, was treated for depression, may be a concern. Needs to put on weight and muscle mass, is somewhat of a tweener.

Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame projected Rd.#2 Ht.6'5" Wt.268
Explosive speed, has played against good competition, tall and lanky, can be unblockable at times. A natural athlete.
Needs to work on the run, also needs to be more disciplined. Must hit weight room.

DeMarcus Ware DE Troy St. projected Rd.#1-2 Ht.6'4" Wt.251
Very quick good speed very athletic.
Undersized. Must get bigger in order to make it at next level.

Matt Roth DE Iowa projected Rd.#1 Ht6'3" Wt.278
Has a non stop motor. Overachiever who gets most out of his talent, relentless, very aggressive. Plays whistle to whistle.
Made switch from LB to DE, so must work on technique. Average speed, can get in trouble if lineman is locked in, needs to develop more moves.


  1. Darryl Blackstock OLB Virginia : projected Rd.#1-2 Ht.6'2" Wt.247
    Has an excellent ability to get to the QB is a great pass rusher. Has excellent size.
    Is a liability against the run,is not a natural in pass coverage, also plays in a 3-4 defense and would be best in 3-4 at the pro level.

    the second paragraph, referring to Pass Coverage and the Run...they must not be THAT bad considering he is projected in the 1-2 rounds...

    you know where I stand...if not, then re-read the name of the guy i just copy and pasted

    LB over DE...we have a decent starter at DE (Fisher)...our LBs are too messy right now...the only reason to get a DE is for pass rushing, only...but we can get a LB with that too...

    hard to project, as Rhodes likes a fast defense...and we're in a passing division...so who knows

    id say, thinking through the FO's eyes...its 50/50 straight down the middle

  2. never know, we may end up with a CB or T

  3. I understad ADP, but I disagree with your assessment of both Fisher (who I think sucks ass) and with Blackstock who we should wait to take until round #2 because he might still be there but is a big reach at #23. Blackstock sucks outright in coverage, I think the article I got that from was being kind.

    There are jsut way too many very good DE's who would all likely be big upgrades over Fisher (who IMHO is not anywhere near as good as Okeafor was, and I thought Okeafor was average at best). Matt Roth is my guy! He's a bit raw but he is a complete psycho! He has been known to be so aggressive during practice that the coaches watch him carefully and blow the whisltes early to make sure he doesn't hurt someone, because he NEVER EVER stops until the whistle is blown. I like everything about him, his size 270, his speed is ok, not great but he has a very quick first step, and most importantly he is a vidoe watching, workout warrior who is driven to excel. EXACTLY the kind of attitude we need here in Seattle, an overachiever with a never say die attitude.

  4. Of course, everything is just speculation, maybe Blackstock will go earlier than I think and Roth will drop. I would be very happy with something like that, Blackstock with the first then Roth with the second.
    How about Justin Tuck? That guy has got some wheels and is a "real" athlete. He is the kind of guy who could slip into the second round as well. I would also be happy with him.

  5. ADP also, the reason that they said Rd.#1-2 is that he will go either late in the first round or into the second. I got the feeling that at least that bunch thought he'd slip. If he does maybe we can get the best DE available and still get your boy Blackstock. That would be too sweet! Could happen!

    Cool thing about this year is that there are some very good value picks in the first two rounds if we don't reach. Also with two picks in the third fourth and seventh rounds who knows if we can move up a bit to get the guys we really want? I bet we move up at least once in this draft.

  6. I feel he may go before our 1st round pick (Blackstock)...he has been rising on a lot of people's boards, and especially in mock drafts (I saw one having him go as high as 21st)...

    I dont have a problem getting a DE (Roth being one of the few I wouldnt mind)...but I still think we have a bigger hole at LB then at DE...notice why us Seahawk fans know so much about our LB depth---its because the starters get injured and these guys are put in...I would like to have at least one more LB that could start (beside Brown, and either White/Niko/Lewis)...it would be a big upgrade then having the bunch of average guys we have (and two of them have to start)

    that being said, a DE is greaqt, especially a pass rusher...but I dont want them to reach for one. I think that if its a guy that *falls* to us, then get him, but not someone who is projected lower...then again, our FO is known for getting the best available, so we may not be reaching too far

    Matt Roth, in my opinion, is the best fit for us at DE...Cody is ok, Spears wont fall, but Tuck I dont like very much

    I am a believer that what you pick in the 1st affects what you pick in the second...late 1st rounders-early 2nd rounders can fall deep into the 2nd round...and with us having a late 1st rounder, its possible the guy we pick could of fell (unless its a guy who fell to us, like Roth)

    the Draft has to be a stressing event for teams...and for people in the northwest, being you have to wake up real early

  7. ADP, you don't like Tuck huh? That's interesting, why not (if I may be nosy).

    Also, I agree very much with what you just said about not reaching for a DE, the same goes for LB. I just think that the bigger reach in this years draft is at LB because it's really not very deep whereas DE is very deep. Of course that may also mean that if we take a LB in the first, a very good DE will fall to us in the second. Who knows?
    I just like the debate that's all, I think it's interesting.
    I really really like Roth though, the coaches say that he's almost scary he's so intense, even in practice. I got to see him play on the tube alot last year because of living in North Dakota, whenever the Goophers aren't on they play the Hawkeyes games, and I can tell you from first hand he is an absolute dominator. He will take a little while to become a stud at the NFL level because he made the switch from LB and so needs to work on his moves, but with his work ethic, I guarantee he will learn and he will become a star. He will force himself to. He's got that kind of tenaciousness.

  8. to be honest Monkey, and its a dumb reason...I hate his name

    check out this scouting report on Roth...ill post it for you:


    ***Matt Roth, DE Iowa
    6’3” 275 4.77 (40 Time)

    NFL Comparison- Justin Smith, Cincinnati


    Extremely intense and plays non-stop, from snap to whistle. Very productive throughout his career, despite constant double-teams. Roth doesn’t have top-end speed, but his quickness and agility allow him the opportunity to bring down QBs. Has great instincts and anticipation, making him even more of a threat. Fantastic fundamentals and was very well coached at Iowa. Knows how to use leverage and hands to create space from offensive lineman. Had a big Senior Bowl and absolutely used some of the better offensive lineman that week. Is capable of big hits and the highlight-reel sack. Has a temper (which I like very much) and can sometimes take it a bit too far. Is solid against the run and can be strong at the point-of-attack, but also chase down plays from behind. Although I think he’s a much better fit as a DE, some teams may look at him as a 3-4 OLB, where he looked decent in drills.

    Pass Rush-

    This is Roth’s strength. While he doesn’t have the elite speed that most of the NFL’s dominant pass rushers have, Roth makes up for it with solid fundamentals and high effort. He knows how to get under his opponent’s pads to move them. His above average agility and quickness give him more 2nd chance opportunities than most DE’s in the class. Can swim and rip effectively, but can also use the bull rush very well.

    Playing the Run-

    Has solid strength and is able to hold his own at the point-of-attack. Because he uses his hands so well, Roth doesn’t get engulfed very often by O-lineman. Scrapes down the line-of-scrimmage well and hits hard. Is fundamentally sound and is a good tackler. Has a mean streak and sometimes gets flagged.

    Roster Impact for Seattle-

    Would be a huge addition because of his pass rushing skills alone. Has the ability to start immediately, but would probably start as Seattle’s nickel LE, where he could have an impact right away. Roth could be Seattle’s best pass rusher as a rookie.

    Draft Projection-

    Round 1. DE’s usually go fairly high, but because there are so many solid DE’s in this year’s class, the ‘Hawks have a real shot at getting him. Teams like St. Louis, Jacksonville and Seattle will be very interested in his services.

    Final Analysis-

    Roth’s pass rushing skills, attitude and effort make him a very attractive player. Because he shines as a pass rusher, his ability against the run are underrated and he’s a better athlete than people give him credit for. His fiery personality (something the Seahawks need) and drive to win far outweigh the attitude concerns that some scouts frown on. Adding a formidable DE that brings all this to the table would help out the defense considerably. I’d be very happy to see Roth lined up opposite Grant Wistrom.***

  9. if St. Louis gets Roth I dont know what I will do...

    now im thinking TRADE UP...I have to thank you Monkey, as now you are getting me on the Roth bandwagon...I want him, and I definitely don't want to be facing him twice a year...especially him facing off with Porkchop and Gray on the right side...

    imagine him against the Rams' Oline, though...;)...I think they will get a T, most likely Barnes, but like the draft always goes...you never know...

  10. ADP, you're right.....that's the dumbest reason for not liking a player(or anyone ofr that matter). His NAME! Why even tell anyone that, or make the comment on not liking him?

  11. And one thing I can say about Blackstock....'PASS RUSHER'!

  12. why make a comment on me making a comment on not liking him, smart one?

    at least my whole post wasnt pointless

  13. Thanks for posting that ADP, it really confirms what I have always known about him. He would be perfect here. I like everything about Roth especially his attitude.

    Gee Vinny, why so hostile lately? who pissed in your cheerios dude?

  14. Hey monkey, (does anybody else think 'hey hey, were the monkeys' when they read that?) I noticed your comment about Fischer, and I too, had my reservations at the signing, but I once again spoke with my friend, the only intelligent Rams fan in existence and he told me it was actually a very good signing, and that Fisher is just on the upswing of his career, producing the most during the second half of last season, so don't worry yet.

    That being said, I still want pollack Pollack POLLACK POLLACK to play DE for us, and give us a very athletic, highly motivated threesome at DE. I don't count Antonio Cock-man.