Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mark It Down With Your Sharpies

Jamie Sharper will visit Seattle tomorrow...we are considered a longshot because he is unfamiliar with our FO and coaches (hopefully he will walk away TRULY impressed---unlike a certain liar)

(PS-I know its another Sharper thread, so I kept it short)...just an update

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently, 'tomorrow' means Thursday, and not Wednesday...the artcile at the Times must of been created Wednesday morning extremely early (midnight?) Jamie Sharper is meeting with Seattle THURSDAY


  1. Thanks for the update, Payroll!

    Here we go with another deadline...

    At least this may be the catalyst we need to restructure some deals.

  2. Kudos too on the Sharpie reference. I think we should sign this guy at all costs, just so he can lay a lick on Mr. Owens in the Eagles game as payback for the Sharpie incident when he was a 49er!

  3. nice, i never even thought of the Owens saga when I made the post...and thanks

  4. How can you ever forget that TO Sharpie incident, it epitomized the "old, soft" Seahawks.

    Not only did Owens KNOW he was gonna score, on our best defender no less, but nobody on the Seahawks took exception to his grand-standing IN OUR FREAKIN' HOUSE!!!

    It's all about having PRIDE in your team and defending your teammates, and not idolizing the guys on the other sideline, even if they're friends, have the same agent, or are really really good.

  5. I was at that game. Killed me a little inside.

  6. they better never pick up me then

    im very emotional in games...and at CB???!?!?!? if i gave up a TD to a jerkoff like TO and he did snap (knowing he would prolly win the fight, i would still hit him...hell, if I saw T Suggs, id punch him dead in the face for choking Hass a couple years ago...then he'd prolly kill me, but oh well)

    im trying to work on my anger problems though...I got mad and pushed a player on the ground after I gave up a huge play (not a TD)

    I know its been talked about before, and you brought it up just now, but you're right...the city of Seattle seems to be pushovers...

  7. ive noticed ive posted alot of braggish things about myself if i gave the impression that im cocky/arrogant, then I actually a very insecure person, and I suffer from Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia badly, not to mention the Dislexia form I have (i have the kind that makes you do things you really cant for example, when I walk through the house, I have to touch the corner of things, or it will drive me nuts later)

  8. Apparently the Bengals are close to a contract with Sharper (kffl)

  9. yea...he's DEFINITELY going to a team with a shot a the title there!!!

  10. would be kinda hard for the Bengals to talk with him if he is visiting us right now...

    something doesnt make sense...I just read Kffl, and yeh...that was last their contract talks have to be on hold right now with him in Seattle

  11. Let's not forget that the Bengals are negotiating with Sharper's AGENT, so he can be in Seattle working out why his agent is continuing negotiations in Cincinnati.

    Or maybe he's like Shaun and ONE agent is at the Bengals and the OTHER came with him to Seattle.