Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Players Uniform Numbers

So far here is what I have disovered our new guys will be wearing. Some of these may still change but as of right now here are the numbers our new guys will be wearing.

Kevin Bentley # 57
Chartric Darby # 92
Bryce Fisher # 91
Kelly Herndon # 31
Joe Jurevicius # 19
Omare Lowe # 41
Joe Tafoya #


  1. good my number (#17) is still up for grabs for when I get in the NFL and try to trade my way to Seattle...

    if it gets taken, ill give my whole rookie-salary for it...unless its an Olineman, in which case I would buy him a few pounds of beef

  2. Payroll - you'll have to come up with a lot of scratch to get #17 from Dave Krieg!

    I noticed #55 is still available too...nobody wants to mess with "the curse of Boz"!

    Or are they just saving it for Sharper??!!

  3. It's funny you mentioned #55 alba, I have an article I found where Niko Koutouvides was asked what number he would wear when he first came to the team. He had worn #34 at Pudue so obviously he couldn't wear that here, so when asked if he would wear #55 because that number was open he said he wouldn't wear it because he didn't want the curse of Boz hanging over his head. I should have posted that quote in my Niko thread but I didn't think it was that interesting an article until now.

  4. Monkey, that's exactly where I got it from! AAS information strikes again!!!

  5. Can't say I'm too thrilled about Omare Lowe nabbing #41, but I guess Eugene lost all of his cred when he got caught soliciting...

    Speaking of Lowe, does anybody know alot about him. He was a freakish athlete in high school but always struck me as more physically gifted than football gifted. He was a 5th round pick right? I guess he's just around for depth.

  6. hey if Jerry Rice can take Largent's...I can definitely take Krieg's :P

    to be honest, I didnt know it was Krieg's wasnt retired was it? (I always thought it should of been until you told me it was MY number)

  7. I think that currently only two numbers are retired, #12 and #80.

    Krieg was just added to the Ring of Honor, but I don't think that comes with retiring the number, so you still got a shot!