Monday, April 11, 2005

Update on Sharper. (take with grain of salt, it's from John Clayton)

Apr. 11 - Jamie Sharper's visit to Seattle went well, and contract talks are expected to heat up today, reports's John Clayton. The Bengals, Cowboys and possibly the Ravens are also pushing for the former Texans linebacker, who was released in a salary-cap move. Sharper is hoping to get $3.5 million a year in a deal. His consistent ability to make over 100 tackles a season makes him one of the best options on the market.

Apr. 11 - Linebacker Chad Brown's career in Seattle appears to be coming to an end, reports's John Clayton. Brown is scheduled to make $4.1 million in '05. The Seahawks want to cut him to $1 million; Brown is willing to go to $2 million. The Seahawks don't seem to be budging on their low demand and it looks as though Brown could join Anthony Simmons on the street. Starting middle linebacker Orlando Huff left in free agency for Arizona.

Also today, on ESPN radio, Clayton said that the offer to Sharper from Seattle was for "about 3 million per year". No mention of the length of the contract or a signing bonus.

Clayton said that the Bengal's offer was less than Seattle's, and that Sharper just needed to decide about "living way out on the other side of the country" or to take less money and go to Cincy. (Clayton suggested that it is down to Cincy and Seattle. Even though Dallas would love to get him.)

Clayton said that if Sharper signs with Seattle, Chad Brown will get cut.
Another wrinkle was that Brown would like to go back to Pittsburg. He said that this was another reason that Cincy might up their offer to Sharper. To keep Brown away from Pittsburg.

Clayton said that Sharper's decision would be made Monday. (He quickly added, "Tuesday morning at the very latest."

Also from the Seattle P-I today, "But the Bengals' initial contract offer was said to be less than Sharper was anticipating, and the word out of Cleveland is that the Browns no longer consider themselves in the picture."


  1. Sharper left Seahawk headquarters with a Seahawks hat on backwards...

    he has yet to sign, and will keep in touch...what does the city of cincinnati have to offer? and jacksonville? cleveland? pfft...we're in the lead...

    HOWEVER...we're Seattle fans---which means we cant have both, we always have to sacrifice something good to get anything...

    Chad Brown has been reluctant to restructure his contract...which is gay

    lets turn to D Jack...maybe backload someones?

  2. From our ST insider: I don't think Chad will be cut - but his contract will probably be redone. He knows he will be a third down linebacker next year.

    I am still keeping tabs and will let you know if anything gets done on this deal.

  3. Dropping Brown is understandable, but really, really sad. I think he's my favorite Seahawks linebacker EVER.

    I wish there was a way to let him go with more respect than that. He's earned it.

  4. Brown is old and we really don't needs him as much as a Sharper,I really think DD Lewis is ready to start.But depth is still key at LB,
    I won't rule out upgrading at defensive tackle considering Russes experience in Tampa.But at defensive tackle in the draft is thin,plus I heard NFL scouts are worried about Sjaun Cody is too much of a party guy.So that leaves Mike Patterson they call him baby Sapp,All I'm saying is don't be shocked if we do go after a D tackle.Our signings of Herndon and Fisher opens up the draft board for us.

    What day is the draft starting?

  5. Shonuff,
    That would not bother me so long as they don't reach for a DT. If the best DT available is also the best defensive player available when we pick, then fine, we can always use more help on the D line. Besides, there are linebackers who will likely be available in the third round who will give us more value then if we take one earlier, also, my favorite, Matt Roth, may slide down to us in the second, or maybe we can trade up in the second to get him if he's still around. I just really like Roth, he would be awesome here.

  6. well that means we wont be getting him...

    Clayton is the Peter Gammons of Football

    here is my take:

    Cowboys are getting a LB in the draft (or WR), and so are the Saints (LB only)

    this leaves 4 teams, one in which Clayton forgot to mention:

    -Seattle (yay)
    -Cincinnati (lesser contract and less prestige currently)
    -Cleveland (declared themselves out of the running)
    -Jacksonville (the wild card...although they arent the biggest threat, his family does live in South Florida)

    on a offtopic note: RIP Al Lucas...thats a wakeup call to me, as im trying to work on my tackling techniques because its sloppy (believe it or not, ive been watchin the UFC for takedowns...and incorporate it into a technique)