Tuesday, April 12, 2005

OK Now It's Official!!!

Now that it's official, these pre-signing speculation stories are more fun to read!

Official Announcements
ESPN.com: Contract is worth $17.5 million

The Trib: Sharper is expected to sign with Seahawks

Seahawks.com: Sharper Image

Bengals.com: We Got the Green Banana!

Pre-Signing Speculation
Bengals make offer to Sharper

Seahawks.NET Chat-Board Says He's Signed with US

Marvin Lewis Counsels Sharper Objectively

Tribune Reports Brown May Be Cut


  1. Thanks, for that collection, alba. Things are looking up for the Seahawks!

    (Except for Niko, he may be third string now. Right, monkey?)

  2. LOL! Yep third stringer Niko. Too bad too, just after I finally got my site the way I wanted it.

    You know, I usually try not to fall for rumors and hype, (I learned my lesson after the Alexander traded to the Eagles fiasco) but when you put all the comments and whathaveyou together, especially the Bengals coachs comments that the ball is in his court now, it really REALLY seems like this is going to happen. Unfortunately, it also really seems like it will happen at the expense of Chad Brown.
    Oh well, you can't make an omlette wihtout breaking some eggs.

  3. I think Brown will come back anyways...If Sharper agrees...he'll accept the 1 mill offer...if not, then he is heading to the Steelers

  4. In each of the articles you linked with this post, it seems as if Lewis is trying to soften the blow for the Bengals fans when Sharper signs with us. It seems as if he (Lewis) expects Sharper to sign here. Lewis seems to be doing that "prepare the fans for the bad news coach speak" that I have heard so many times in my lifetime of being a Seahawks fan.
    I have ehard it too often from our own coaches, I really think we'll see Sharper in a Hawks uniform this year.

  5. remember one thing though...we are Seahawk fans...how many times have we've givne our hopes up?

    Right now, we dont have Sharper so im thinking of the future without him...we got to block out the 'if Sharper came here' thoughts before we get disappointed

    the Bengals sources seem to lean towards Cincy, and the Seattle sources lean towards Seattle...

    I say we are in the lead right now...but 6 hours ago I would of said the opposite