Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NFL Schedule to be Released Tomorrow!

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(sorry about the Redskin graphic!)


  1. All I know is that we had better get a MNF game for a change. It seems as though other teams that make the playoffs get MNF games but we never do, it's frustrating since we have made the playoffs twice in the last two seasons. Now that last year we won our division I expect to see a better schedule gosh darnit!

  2. agreed...although we did have one against Dallas

    we are Seattle...we never get respect...when we do earn it, its always 'we're a fluke'...very frustrating

    although...I feel a blind Squirrel has a better chance of calling a gamer fair for us then the refs...I rather us NEVER be on national tv if the refs are going to make us look horrible...we got bombed for losing to Dallas, when it was the refs fought...and the booth...yeh it shouldnt of been close, but we had some injuries damnit

    Injuries apparently are only excuses for the other 31 teams...I dont like saying injuries are, but the fact is that they affect your team...

    ask the Sonics

  3. I think that depends on who is calling the game. My brother and I have a running joke, whenever I go to the bar to watch the game my brother will ask me who is officiating and if I say Ed Hockules he'll say, that we'll win if someone else that we'll lose. He's usually right. Ed Hockules calls the best game in football hands down he's the best ref in the business. Heck, I'd like to "adopt" that guy, if we did an "adopt a ref blog" I would be first in line to adopt Ed. Besides he's got big muscles for a ref. The guy looks like he could play football instead of just officiating it.