Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sharper: Reactions around the NFC West

Just for fun:

STL Today Forums: Seahawks Get Sharper

AZCardinals.com: Seahawks Sign Sharper

All 49ers forums are pretty much as lifeless as their team. No news.



  1. Very funny reading material! I was thinking about printing a bunch of those stupid comments off, because i think I need to go to the bathroom and I may be out of toilet paper.

  2. Blue - great sleuthing. I've never wanted to spend any time on other teams boards, since I hate it when they parachute into ours, but it was fun to LURK, especially to hear a few of them shaking in their boots!

    Sure some of them want to say Sharper is old, on the downside, and all that, but they'd all give their left fuzzy testicle to have him in St. Louise!

  3. Rams fans are happy because they signed Chris Claigborn,that guy has been nothing but crappy his whole career.I don't get how people think 30 is old, linebackers have long careers play until they're 34-35.

  4. Claiborne is a perfect fit in St. Loser, then.

  5. Shonuff, you're comment about St Louise fans being happy that they signed Claiborn made me laugh so hard I thought I'd piss myself!
    They really have no idea what they got if they're happy about him! He is a talented guy true enough, but he is also just like Anthony Simmons, always bitching and moaning and ALWAYS ALWAYS hurt. I saw plenty of him living here in Fargo (Viqueens land), I know what a stiff he is. He'll be hurt by the third game and from there on in will be on and off the DL the whole year just like he always is.

  6. Although, notably overlooked, and more importantly, there were some small signs of intelligence displayed on the Ram's blog in reaction to Sharper signing, at least for the first two or three posts. Then the rest is covered in that brackish fluid consumed near Bwelton, Denmark...

  7. HA! Nice bwil reference, check!